Help! Bleeding after sex

Hi everyone, I've just joined as hoping for some info. 

I had CIN3 and LLETZ done about 13 years ago. 

I am 30 and have 3 children. I've been to a doctor several times recently for gastrointestinal issues and back pain that have been put down to IBS but this diagnosis does not sit comfortably with me. 

Last weekend after having sex there was quite a lot of bright red blood (enough to be all over both of us and the sheets). I thought I must be getting my period, I've only had it back once, 11th July, since having my last child (9mths old). However there was no more bleeding at all that night or next day. The following day we decided to try again, within 30 seconds there was blood again so we stopped. 

Went to docs and had smear and several tests done. 

Wed night we had sex but without any penetration (sorry if this is TMI) and the following day I got my period. Am still bleeding 3 days later. 

So far all my tests results have come back normal, there is no infection, no STD, no polyps or fibroids visible on ultrasound. The doctor said my cervix looked fine in the pap ( no erosion). I dont, nor have I ever, taken the pill (except for maybe a year when I was 15). The only one that hasn't come back yet is the Pap smear. I'm a bit panicked that it could be cancer, is there anything else that could be causing the bleeding? I have also once had suspected endometriosis and cysts on my ovaries, but again nothing showed up on ultrasound this time. 

I was referred to a gyno who, without my pap results, has booked me in for a colposcopy in 4 weeks  

Thanks for any advice or comments, i hate having to wait for Monday for these results!