HELP. Apalled with the treatment I have received thus far

Hello there. I REALLY need some advice. I have been part of this forum for a while now asking for advice, to vent and to reply to others. My background story again:

I'm a 24 year old woman with no kids (yet) who had her first abnormal pap smear at the age of 23 in May 2018. It said positive for high risk HPV and negative for HPV 16, 18/45. I then had a colposcopy in September 2018 which revealed I had CIN1 and chronic cervicitis in all areas. Since then I was told to wait for 6 months (watch and wait). Was scheduled another colposcopy in March 2019 with that same OBGYN who did the first colposcopy. I moved cities so I couldn't go back to her. I found a new doctor where I live now and I got my follow up pap smear done 2 weeks ago. During the pap he said my cervix is friable and it bleeds upon contact. I have had this issue ever since I had my abnormal pap. I have been told by some doctors that it's because of the HPV.

Anyway, so I got my results today which again were abnormal. Positive for high risk HPV and negative for HPV 16 and 18/45. It says on the interpretation: "Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance. Case reviewed by Pathologist". And in OLD CLASSIFICATION it says ll. 

So my OGBYN said to me that he wanted togo ahead and do the cryosurgery right there and then but I said no because I'm gonna get my period very soon and I don't wanna risk an infection on top of this. To which he replied that it doesn't matter that the risk of infection is low and that he could do it regardless but that it was my choice if I wanted to get it done today or wait for my period to go away. He also said to me that I could have sex a week after having the cryosurgery!!! Which I KNOW IS NOT TRUE from what I have read online, and what my friend's OBGYN said when she had cryosurgery done for her HPV cells. I also asked if I would feel a lot of discomfort or not and he had the audacity to say "I don't know because I'm not a woman" REALLY??? What kind of doctor says this to a patient? He also said "HPV goes away in most people in around 3 months. If the infection persists it means that you will never get rid of the HPV. You will always have it and if you don't get treatment for it those cells will keep developing and you will get cancer. I was apalled at how he treated me and said these things to me. Felt very upset to say the least.

So my questions are:

1. Why won't he do a colposcopy before doing the cryosurgery to see whether the cells have advanced or not? Why is he guessing that I still have LSIL (CIN1) when it's been 7 months and during our first consultation he said that cells can change in weeks! Should I push for a colposcopy?

2. Why is he telling me that I will never get rid of the HPV? According to him, since 3 months passed by and I have been having this issue for like almost a year now or maybe 2 (first normal pap was on 2016 and the second on the 2018 which was the abnormal one so maybe the HPV infection started after that first pap) it means my body doesn't have the antibodies or markers to detect the virus and that I will continue to have it forever. What the hell does that mean then? That I will have to go back every 3 or 6 months for paps and treatments until there is no cervix left??? I have read online about women who have had HPV for a long time then all of the sudden it "goes away" or remains dormant or whatever it is but it doesn't cause anymore problems. 

3. Should I change doctors? Should I get the cryosurgery done with him? Or should I find a new doctor who can explain things better to me and is more cautious? 

4. If I'm HPV 16, 18/45 negative, does that mean I can still get the vaccine to cover those strains? Will getting the vaccine help my body identify the HPV strain(s) I have so my body's immune system can clear it? Or will the vaccine make things worse and make the cells progress even faster? 

PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I'm really confused and I have been to 4 gynecologists in total and they all have told me different things about this situation and I'm at my wits end. I need closure and I need clear answers and I need them now. My life has been ruined ever since my diagnosis and depression has been slowly taking over once more :'( 

It really saddens me to hear the way you’ve been treated recently. From what you’ve described, your recent gynaecologist hasn’t a clue about HPV and treatment. Cells won’t ‘change within weeks’ - it can take up to 10-15 years if it MAY become CC (cervical cancer) and if you’re CIN1, it’s possible for the abnormalities to go away themselves without any treatment. Furthermore, not all women who have abnormalities and HR HPV will go onto develop CC - it’s about 1%. Usually, it’s a ‘wait and see’, rather than jump to invasive treatment, which is usually offered for CIN2 and CIN3. IMO 7 months at CIN1 is much too soon at your age to have treatment. 

It can take up to 2 years for your body to shake off HPV. However, in some women for unknown reasons, they’re unable to do this and it may become persistent. There are things you could do to help reduce the risk, i.e. avoid smoking if you do. 

HPV 16 and 18 are the most common high risk strains know to cause CC, which are covered in the vaccine. The vaccine won’t make it worse, but it’s not marketed as a cure for existing infections. 

I would suggest that you find another gynaecologist, ask them lots of questions before committing to anything. I feel the vaccine would be beneficial for you. Go for Gardasil 9, as it will protect you against 4 high risks strains and 5 wart causing strains. Although it’s not classed as a ‘therapeutic vaccine’, there is some debatable evidence it may help to clear existing infections and protect you or help to clear any future strains not covered in the vaccine, since most strains a genetically linked.

Here’s the link about HPV on this website.

Hello there and thank you for replying! I thought nobody was going to reply so I stopped checking my post. I'm glad at least one person did. 

I will go this next upcoming Tuesday (April 9) to another gynecologist to give her my pap and past colposcopy results to see what she suggests. I really really hope she will be able to clear my doubts and offer the best solution. I won't be going back to this other gynecologist anymore. I feel he doesn't care and he says these things too because he doesn't believe in alternative ways of dealing with this issue. His nurse said to me that NONE of his patients that have come in with high risk hpv have been able to clear the virus. That he just helps them not get cancer by performing cryos and leeps whenever needed. So that tells me he is doing something wrong because how on earth has no one in all her years that she's been working with him (she said 9 years) havent been able to clear it? I just don't trust him anymore. Even if I have to get treatment I will have it done with another gynecologist, hopefully this next one I will see.

Also, how are you doing? Do you still have hpv or are you dealing with something right now? Thanks again for replying, it means a lot to me. 

Also, did you experience any side effects from the vaccine? I have read some horror stories regarding the vaccine which is why I have been hesistant to get it. 


Sorry to jump on this post but I was diagnosed with HPV 16 and I was lead to believe that there's no cure for HPV but your immune system only fights the infection off and stops it spreading?? But I also read that the immune system gets rid of it altogether?

Good luck with your journey

Hugs x 

Hello there, can you please send me a private message? I have some information regarding your question and would like to talk to you if you want. Hugs!