Help and advice with results plz

hi ladies 

I'm looking for some advice ,

i had a severe abnormallys showing from a smear a few weeks ago and had to have LLETZ treatment.

Today I took my daughter to the go and while I was there asked if my results were in. (10 days after treatment )

He very kindly looked , read them ( looking rather worried ) and then after a few mins said it was mostly CN2 and I would be contacted with advice on what to do next. 

I asked him for a print out as I thought he seemed a little worried and didn't give much more info than this.


so this is what they say I would really appreciate if anyone can make any sense of them for me . 

I also tried to call the hospital , but no answer.


CIN 2 and lesser degrees of CIN


CIN 2 present that contained the transformation zone .this appears completely excised.

CIN 1 with superimposed viral effect involves one of the margins Of CIN 2. Margin prob endocervical however glands are present in most of this section, precise interpretation is difficult.

 Diagnosis / CIN 2 

. I think this means I'm ok , but I'd like to know if I'd need any further treatment .


THank you all xxx

Hi I'm not sure myself either but I thought I'd reply because i didn't want to read it and ignore lol it sounds like you have Cin1 on your margins so they may want to do another lletz so that the margins are clear that's shat I can make of it anyways! Xxxx

Thanks lourisarose25 xx

Yup I agree the CIN2 completely excised looks good that they have got rid of the more abnormal stuff but the fact you had some CIN1 on the margins will probably mean that they will keep an eye on you and you will probably get called back for more testing in say 6 months to a year.

 This screening might be a smear or might be a colposcopy. The good news is now that you are in the system you will be monitored and they'll be wanting to keep an eye on that CIN1.

Hopefully you should get a letter orappointment soon to explain