Help and advice please x

I had the same operation as you but across my belly instead of down , I was given the choice to remove or keep my ovoiries im 48 and was advised in my case it would be better to remove mine as I’m approaching menopause age, but this means you go into menopause straight away. I hope his helps and hope all is well for you .

Hi Lynzibelle

Yes I did have a PET scan plus MRI as part of my treatment planning. Everything pointed to the go ahead for a hysterectomy. As I’ve already documented my post op histology indicated further treatment was required. Conclusion: like all tests PET scans don’t come with a 100% guarantee. Definitely worth having a conversation about it with your CNS.


Hi Ashcloud
Thank you so much for your reply!
Since my last post and conversations with my hubby we have decided to have the ovaries removed. I just feel that whilst having the surgery, I feel for me it’s better to remove everything it that area whilst they are in there. In regards to menopause since reading your post and some other ladies on here,I contacted my GP this morning and she is in agreement to start me on HRT,she’s going to contact me 2 weeks after my surgery to discuss my options,so hopefully I’ll start on them and be ok. I’m 44 and have my children, and although I’m really not looking forward to it at all after reading lots about it, in the grand scheme of things if I can just get rid of this CC I will do anything it takes, so I’ll cross the menopause bridge when I get to it.
That’s really good that your scar isn’t so high up, I’ll enquire about how high up mine will be,he did say from below the belly button, so I assumed right below it. Also good to know that they don’t have to go through abdominal muscles doing it that way.
Have you managed to find HRT that works for you ?
I’ve definitely been on autopilot like you said, I’ve been ok but had 2 days at the weekend where I just couldn’t stop crying it was awful I just felt so scared, I’m really worried about the operation but trying not to let anyone, especially my children know how worried I am.
Thank you again for your reply I really do appreciate all the info you shared, and it gives me some hope when I hear from people that have been through this and got through it.
I’m just hoping and praying that the op gets everything and I can just try to go back to being me again and try to put all this behind me xx

Thanks jazza
I wasn’t even offered a PET scan, I am going to ask why when my CNS calls me back.
Lyndsey x

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Hi kwood and thank you for your reply.
How long ago did you have your op and how long were you in hospital?
I’m also wondering About recovery times,I know everyone is different,my brother in law is getting married 28th August and my daughter is a flower girl so I’m really hoping to be able to go but there’s just no knowing at the moment.
Have you managed to get onto HRT that’s helping you with the menopause ?

Hi c-emer
Thank you so much for your reply!
The list of things for hospital was really useful,I’d seen one on another post so already got a few bits like lovely granny pants and lip balm,and a v shaped pillow, but not thought of dry shampoo so thank you for that !
I had a c section 10 years ago so thought they might open that up but the consultant said not, I’ll ask more about it at my pre op tomorrow.
I’ve made the decision to get the ovaries taken during the RH and I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will send me straight into menopause,ill just have to deal with whatever that brings at the time, and hopefully find HRT that works for me.
I’ve had messages from 2 or 3 ladies last night that have been in the same situation as me and the RH has been the ‘only’ treatment required (not that major surgery is ‘only’ at all ) .i can’t tell you how good that is to hear, it fills me with some hope even though I know it may not be the same for me, and I may require CT and RT to beat this. It’s just nice to hear from people that have been where I am now .
I had a really bad couple of days where I couldn’t stop crying but I’m coming to a bit again now.
Sis you take your own constipation med into hospital with you ?
Thanks again so much