Help am confused

I don’t even know if this is in the right topic. Last Wednesday I had a colposcopy and the colposcopist took me in her room and told both my mother and I that I had advanced cervical cancer. I received a letter from the hospital today about my colposcopy which says (and I quote)
“I explained to (my name) the possible diagnosis of cervical cancer and further management that will most probably include radiotherapy. Surgery would not be indicated due to the size of the tumour”
However she said to my face I HAVE ADVANCED CC TO MY FACE?!! I’m so confused everyone in my family has been told as she did not once say it was a possibility she sat me down shut the door got me some tissues and said you have advanced cervical cancer. She mentioned nothing about possible it was straight and direct without any doubt or hesitation. And later in the letter it says they will be contacting my liver specialists as they “will need advice regarding recommended management during her treatment for cervical cancer including advice about pain management”
God this is driving me crazy. I’ve tried to contact the hospital all I get is leave a message we’ll get back to you
Please help advice needed badly

Hi, at any point have they done a biopsy!  If not I'm wondering if they have to state possible until this has been doneUnless of course you have had mri's and other scans which can diagnose this. 

Hey silly (love your name!)

When I had the colposcopy on Wednesday and the colposcopist told me I had it,she also had taken 4 or more biopsies. She rushed the results which should be in tomorrow. No other things done to confirm a diagnosis tho

It's just the limbo dangling state this leaves you in.

You get told something like that to your face and less than a week later get a letter stating possible. Just confuses my already shaken state in all honesty. And makes me feel like I'm going crazy! So thank-you silly for a reply. I went to the gp who basically told me that she stated possible because she hadn't had her histology reports and wanted a back up or fall back if in case she was wrong. But accept what she told me as a definite

You don't have to explain.  My GP told me cancer, colposcopy told me we don't know and my biopsy comes back as a mismatch.  Go figure.  Anyway after being told cancer I went through all the emotions in the first 6 days prior to colposcopy only now to be sitting here thinking wth is going on.  I guess what I'm trying to say is being told that straight away means you deal with it there and then, once the shock has worn off you get the attitude of right lets get this thing sorted.  What I didn't want was colposcopy to place some hope there only to have to deal with the "it's cancer" again.  i was all set for my biopsy to say cancer and I would have been OK with it cos I know it's treatable! I hope this makes sense.  I agree with your GP Hun. 

Hi Harlee :-)

I expect this has everything to do with silly bureaucratic protocol. I expect that your colposcopist is an experienced qualified professional and knows cancer when it stares her in the face. However, I expect there is some rule somewhere which says she is not permitted to put in writing that you definitely have cancer until such time as the biopsy results are published. For her to have told you that you have advanced CC then she must have seen a mass of size and this cannot possibly have been a polyp. She has diagnosed cancer by a process of illimination in that there is nothing else it can possibly be, but that is not the same as having it confirmed by histology results. Please don't get your hopes up that this is anything else.

Be lucky :-)

This is definitely a red tape situation, if like myself I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer....the tumour is visible and so the diagnosis she gave you will be correct. The red tape lies in what stage really and what the treatment plan will be. I was also told it would be chemo and radiation as surgery wasn't an option due to the size of the tumour. Take what she has told you and take your time to process it before the stream of appointments. Treatment is very successful :) xx