Help! After Lletz. :(

Hi all 


sorry in advance for being a little graphic. 


I had Lletz under GA on Wednesday. (due to large amount) I was fast asleep so I am unaware of what they did, last night after having a shower I discovered a few pale brown lumps coming out. When I looked closer they felt and looked like cotton wool. (There's defo more left inside) 


Now I was not told that they had packed it or dressed it in any way.


I have not yet really bled much so I am worried they have left something inside that is stopping it coming out. I'm a little terrified to mess too :(. 


Has anyone else had this at all?

Do they usually pack or dress the area and if so when will it come out?

Is it normal to have not bled yet? 


So sorry for all the questions but I don't know where else to turn?


Much luck. JODIE xxxx

I've never had LLETZ but that does sound a bit unusual. I don't think there's any reason to panic, but what I'd do is call back the colposcopy clinic and ask what could have happened. It does sound like there's some sort of dressing in there! I think only they can shed light on it and they would be happy to talk to you about it, I am sure!

I don't think all women do bleed heavily after LLETZ by any means though, so I wouldn't necessarily worry about NOT bleeding. But I'd definitely give them a call X

I had lletz on weds too so far ive been seeing black bits coming out and have shooting pain up my privates xx

And they also took 14mm hun xx

Hmm I am very worried they left something in there:( 

Im ok, just having quite bad back pain and shooting pains. Every time I try to sleep im twitching. 


Ps. I hope your results are ok. X

I dunno how long results r gonna take i didnt know we had stuff packed up there i hope u get gd results hun xx

Call the clinic as sounds weird to me. Yes u should expect blackish burnt toast speckles (from cauterisation) clots possibly but if you get bright red or a lot of clotting could be cause for concern. Plus ahem "discharge" * of all shades from pink, tan, yellow etc It could be a scab but cotton wool texture sounds peculiar. 

Hope u get some answers and pls share the info so we can solve the mystery!


* one of my least favourite words 


Hey, the dressing passed. It defo should notnhave been there. For the last few days I have been having shooting pains from bottom of my back right down to my feet and in my 'flute'. I think I might have infection. I am going to the Dr tomorrow for some antibiotics (hopefully) and some more time off work. I think what was left inside might not have helped my cause :( it was gross!