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Hi I was diagnosed with a 4cm grade 1 tumour high up in the cervical canal a couple of weeks ago. I have had mri and ct scan which showed tumour is still within cervix. I am having a pet scan to see if there is enough of a clear margin to do hysterectomy, if not it will be radiation and chemo. I think its more likely to be radiation and chemo. I would like to hear from others their experiences and how they have coped.


Sorry that you’re going through this. I’m almost 5 weeks post chemo rads for stage 2b CC. The bit you are going through now- the scans and the waiting- is honestly the worst bit.
Once my treatment had started the time flew in. I had 5 cycles of cisplatin, 28 doses of external radiotherapy and 3 sessions of HDR brachytherapy.
The chemo was honestly not bad. I was expecting it to be horrendous but my Onc team were on top of all the side effects before they even happened.
The radiotherapy was fine until my last week. I drove myself to every session. By the last week I was so, so tired and had some burns to the skin of my vulva which made peeing an extreme sport. Again the radiotherapy team were great at taking care of me. I honestly could not fault my care at all.
Brachytherapy wasn’t pleasant but was manageable.
Once your team gets all your results you will get a treatment plan and everything should happen quickly.
I wish you the very best of luck

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Thanks George,

Yes it is a difficult time as you say once treatment starts you feel you are moving in the right direction. I just wish they could do all the scans at the same time make a decision on treatment then move on with it. I feel like I have been living with this for ages even though its only been around 7 weeks!!. I’ll find out this week then hopefully get on with treatment. Glad things are going well for you.x

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It will feel like forever. I was amazed to find that it was 12 weeks exactly from my day of diagnosis to my final day of treatment. It felt like years in some parts and hours in others.