help/ advice needed on having a baby after lletz


This is my first post it may be abit all over the place

Im looking for information on having a baby after a lletz procedure

I had my first smear in march coming up to my 25th birthday, It wasnt quite the news I was hoping for in which i was then referred to the hospital for a lletz procedure it came back as cin 3, i then had to have a pet ct scan & mri scan to determine if it had spread (finally good news it hadnt). I was then sent letters for more appointments to see a doctor who wanted to perform a hysterectomy this was not in my plans as I wanted another baby ( I already have a 2 yo) in which it was advised I have surgery to have my pelvic lymph nodes removed & another lletz it was a whirlwind few months from march but in august I was told my results were clear from my surgery.

Im now looking for information on having a baby after having lletz as i have had 2 & I was told I will probably need a stitch when I get pregnant so want some info on what pregnancy has been like for someone in a similar situation. I have read up on some info online about having a stitch & giving birth but only to the point of having the stitch out then possibly going into labour 24 hours later.

This is probably my last child at 25 as they would like to proceed with more surgery but I cant give up parts of my body until I have fulfilled mine & my partners wish to have another baby,even then Im not sure if I want to give up on my body as I dont want to feel regret for having a hysterectomy.