help? advice? anything?

Sorry to ramble…
I’m 25 and have been having serious issues with periods for years!! I’m constantly bleeding. Never seem to get any grace from it…That in itself does my nut…
Anyhow after realising sex was the main culprit to this bleeding and the pain I decided to go docs… AGAIN.
anyhow long story short I went for a smear on the Monday, got my results friday, and by the following Monday received my appointment for a coloscopy because of results showing severe high grade dyskaryosis. … so its only been 10 days from having smear to having coloscopy tomorrow. I’m not really a worrier but I’m looking at the dreaded google that has now put the fear of God into me… can anyone help. Don’t really know what I want help on sorry. Just seems very quick and the dyskaryosis and the bleeding…With regards to Google it’s a miracle I’m here!
Any honest opinions or advice or just a virtual head wobble will do.
Thanks in advance xxxx


you sound like your going through the same as me, I think it's standard procedure to get you in asap. They will no doubt do colonoscopy and if you need treatment it will be done on the appointment (mine was) it was a little uncomfortable but bearable. I hope your okay and try not to worry to much xxx 



I know how your feeling google is so dangerous lol. I had my coloscopy last week and my biopsy results are being treated as urgent so playing the waiting game at the moment which is driving me mad. I had 5 punch biopsys taken at the coloscopy it was uncomfortable but not painful. Try not to worry and ask as many questions as you can when you see the doctor tomorrow x

Hi thanks all for replying....really didn't know if I'd even done it right lol (1st timer). 

Anyhoo appointment at half 1 today so see what happens. I'm just going on my going to get doc to write whatever it is on a piece of paper as me and 'doctor lingo' are just on a completely different level. 

Will post back later 

Thanks peeps xx

Well had coloscopy done...was all good. Nice doctors sp that helped the situation. She told me that there was quite a large area of abnormal cells so she did a LLETZ. She did mention a check up in 6 month so that sounds good. Then on the other hand she said 'results back'.

Sorry to be vague but has she taken a biopsy? As I don't think this was mentioned. What results do I need? Or do I just go back in 6 month? 

Any advice xx


So glad they're getting you sorted so quickly bearhugs!  I've been amazed at how quick they have been with mine too - such a brilliant service!

They send the bit that they cut out off to the lab.  They'll try to take out the abnormal cells, and an area of healthy cells around it, just to make sure it's all gone.  So they'll look at it in the lab to make sure that they've got it all - those will be the 'results' she's talking about.

As I understand it, they usually do get it all, so all being well, you'll then go on to your 6 month check up.

Lots of love for a speedy recovery! xxxx

Oh isn't that great!!! Thank you for clearing that up for me xx

How are you getting on? Xx I can't grumble at how quick it has all been xx brill