help 23 symptoms of cc since having baby . any advice on guidelines please clueless

Hiya sorry long winded post i am so worried and just dont know what to do feel like im fighting for the referral i need heres my story

Had my baby boy (2nd child) 12 weeks ago normal delivery 

Bleeding stopped at 3 weeks but by 6 weeks i noticed i was spotting after going for a wee reported to gp who said wait two weeks

Went back at week 8 gp tried to have a look but couldnt see cervix due to amount of mucus ? :s 

Had normal infection swabs done (came back clear) was told would be referred for ultrasound pelvic tp check for left over products etc 

Went for this at week 9 sat tgere for an hour to then be told i was at wrong place 

Another referral after complaont to gp got a pelvic ultrasound On friday was told nothing obvious that would be causing bleeding 

Now i just dont know what to do ? My gp is off for 2 weeks now too . Ive started getting really bsd lower backsche aswell which isnt going  . I also have alot of discharge but think that may just be me 

I just feel as though its not being took seriously i thought i should be referred in 2 week wait with these symptoms im so worried and in paon with this constant bscksche 

Also i should add im 23 sp never had a smeat nor the vaccine 


Thanks so much for reading 


Any advice would be more than grateful for

Sorry just seen all my typos hope it makes sense xxxx

Hi Louise,

It sounds much more like regular post-natal than CC to me, but you are right to have it checked out. Does your GP not have someone standing in for them while away? Try to get an appointment, more because of the backache than anything else really, the rest of it you can probably live with for a couple of weeks.

Be lucky


Thanks for your reply :) really hope it is a post natal thing . Will ring my gps tomorrow see if anyone else will see me about it . Thanks xx

Hi nlouisexxx,

im in the same boat. I had a baby 6 weeks ago, and suddenly, over the past week or so, I've been getting lower back pain & abdominal aches with little aches in my legs which I'm just hoping is my body recovering from birth or my period on its way. I have to wait until April for my colposcopy Which seems forever away!

just wanted to let you know I understand how you're feeling!

fingers crossed for the both of us - keep pushing the doctors xx