Hello :)

Hi everyone :) this is probably been asked a fair few times but I just want to be sure.

8 had a punch biopsy on the 28th,my results show CIN2.

after I stopped bleeding from that I came on....I've been washing as have no shower but now I an desperate for a bath!!!

i feel disgusting and dry shampoo soray just isn't working for me anymore. I have my llettz treatment on Wednesday and I'm bricking that :(

Any advice regarding a bath right now would be great! Thank you <3

Hey, did you only have a colposcopy and a biopsy on the 28th? If so and you didn't have any treatment then you are allowed to bath as normal. I had my colposcopy this Thursday 6th feb, and I have had my usual 2 baths a day, I asked the nurse as I don't have a shower and she said its fine. it does not say anything on my leaflets either. If you have had a lettz or other treatment on the 28th then I'm sure ur not supposed to bath in hot water, use warm water, and don't lay in soapy water, so just shampoo last I guess. Hope your ok xx

Hey,thanks for your reply :) I just had the punch biopsy on 28th. Having my treatment this coming Wednesday....really not looking forward to it. I had a little bath in the end,just washed my hair when I got out. I. Going to ask Wednesday about bathing after the lletz....I know swimming can be dodgy cos of the chlorine. 

oh the things us poor girls go through. Hope your results come back ok xxx