Hi everyone :lol:

Just joined today and hopefully will get to know some of you. I was diagnosed Dec 06 with stage IIb cc and endured chemoradiation. I was given the all clear yesterday after MRI scan last week. I was at the Let’s Meet last Nov and met some of you then. What an informative and friendly day.

I’m sure knowing I can get advice at any time from you, will stop me getting anxious at every little niggly twinge.

Speak soon.
Love Kim[/img]

Hi Kim
This may not be the best board to post on, the main forum Jo’s Trust forum is best for general chatting :lol: . I occassionally look on the other two.
Congratulations on the all clear, very pleased for you.
You must be so relieved, but keep vigilant. :shock:
Take care,

hi kim

keep your chin up love debi xxx