Hello, thank you and please help me

Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and to everything related to smears, colposcopy and CC. I'm a 25 year old woman from Argentina so please excuse any grammar mistake.

First of all, I want to thank all of the ladies who post here because in the last few months they were almost the only support I got and the best source of info :)

I'll try to be as precise as possbible so my story won't be too long (I hope)

On june I visited my gyneachologist because I wanted to start oral contraception and also made an appointment for my first ever smear and colposcopy (both are routine and done in the same appt here, and they are repetead yearly). As a 24 year old at the time, I was confident that everything was going to be ok and it was just routine. Well I was wrong. In the colposcopy the Dr found a big white patch covering "the entire thing" as she said refering to my cervix. I almost blacked out and every question I could have asked just faded away in like 3 seconds, so when I went home that afternoon I started googling (bad thing) and the first think coming up was cervical cancer.

Long story short, the smear came back 20 days later as negative for lessions or malignancy but with mild traces of keratinization, wich is why my Dr decided to go for a couple punch biopsies. This was on july 10th and after a month I called the hospital (yes, they take their time) and they told me every biopsy from that date was received but mine not, so call back on monday for further information.

The last few days I was horribly overanxious but now I can't even think clearly. I know the Dr would have told me if she could see something bad, but I can't stop thinking that they found something serious in the biopsy and that's the reason of this delay.

I've never had a symptom (only bled after sex almost 3 years ago, twice, and I put it down to dryness and the fact that my bf at the time was very rough) but now I think I'm almost allucinating pains and stuff like that.

So please, if someone has been in this situation and would like to share their stories I'd be glad to read. Even if you want to take your chances and tell me what the odds of having cc are, please, I'm going trhough a really bad time emotionally :( 

Besides, all the support you can give will be very much appreciated.


Feel free to ask anything you want, and again, thank you very much for taking the time to read and/or answer me