Hello please any advice after lletz

Hello I  was just wondering what colour would the discharge would be? mines look like a light brown colour is this normal?  and i was wondering again if the the smell of all blood is normal too. and is anybody experience the same thing.

sorry for discription.

 may 13- smear result borderline

  june 13- colpscopy /biopsy

  june 13- biopsy results CIN 1/CIN2

  aug 13- LLETZ

  awaiting results

 thank you.


I see your post is from last week but thought I would answer. My discharge was a browny colours with coffee like bits!! I got a terrible smell after a day or two which lasted and got worse so went to dr thinking he would want to look... But he said sounds like an infection, is very common and gave me antibiotics. All sorted!

Hope you have been ok and are sorted Donna X