Hello / My Story Up To Post-Colposcopy

Hi everyone,

I hope posting here is ok, I wanted to introduce myself, get involved in the community and compare notes with others but wasn't sure quite where I should post.

In March I had my first smear test, and the nurse was alarmed by a sore spot/abrasion she saw on my cervix along with quite severe bleeding, so I was asked to return to the surgery after work for a doctor to have a look. She then took further smears. These came back as Low Grade Dyskaryosis/CIN 1 and I was referred to the local Colposcopy Clinic.

I'd decided not to join this forum until now, simply because I thought the Colposcopy would be straightfoward and that it was probably a usual case of CIN 1 with simple follow-up smears. Unfortunately, today I had my Colposcopy and before the Gynaecologist even touched my cervix, the lump began bleeding and the speculum immediately caused stomach cramps, which I believe is normal? However the bleeding isn't... 4 biopsies were taken and I was in the chair for around 45 minutes while the poor Gyno tried to stop the bleeding! When it was over and I was getting changed, I almost passed out and was made to lie down for a good ten minutes.

Once that drama was over, I was sat down and told that he's uncertain what the lump is exactly, but at this point could be anything. From what I could tell it doesn't seem to be near the canal, which is giving me some peace of mind.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Looking forward to getting to know my fellow ladies and hearing your stories :)

Big love,


Hi Phoebe,

Didnt want to read run.. I'm with you on the Cin1 and colposcopy but no lumps were found on mine. 

fingers crossed they can figure out what is asap and get it sorted for you. Xx

Thanks Sharper :)

I hope so too. As always, the wait isn't much fun. The consultant at the Colposcopy said that it was likely the results of the biopsy would be inconclusive, so it's likely I'll have to go in for a cone biopsy. Surprisingly I'd rather go under general anaesthetic than sit in that chair for another 45 mins! The problem is I bleed so much they can't really see what they're doing. It's the lump that bleeds, before they even touch it :/

Ah well, hopefully all will become clear soon.

Did you/are you having LLETZ?


Sounds awful :( i was in and out of the chair within 10 minutes. No I didn't have a lletz as they tend to just watch and wait with Cin1 (biopsy confirmed grade). So will go for another smear next year to see if it has cleared its self. 

Really feel for what you are going through (I know how horrible it was having an abnormal smear let alone anything else). 

Thankfully this is a brilliant place with lots of lovely ladies who are here to help with any questions (wish I could be more of an help to you). Xx

Hi Phoebe,

That sounds awful :-( Hope you are feeling ok now?

I too had my first smear last month (I'm 24.5 so simular age) and after abnormal result had my colposcopy on 28th May were severe dyskaryosis CIN3 was detected over a large area of my cervix - because i suffer with low platelets (bleed alot - even when i cut my legs shaving in the shower its everywhere!!) they have opted to do my lletz and biopsies under GA in a controlled environment. 10 days to go and i'm so nervous :-(

Hope you dont have to wait too long for your results - keep me posted :-) xxx


Hi LadyG,

Great to meet someone here of a similar age and situation, despite shitty circumstances... I personally think that GA is an easier way of doing surgery, as being stuck awake in that chair for ages was horrible! At least it's just the recovery you have to deal with. I'll likely be having the same thing, though I'm still waiting on results.

I'm sure your surgery will go fine :) When are you in and how long for?

I'll keep you posted!

I know definately.. despite the situation!

I'm going in on 18th June for day case surgery, so i will go in in the afternoon and hopefully be out by tea time unless there is a problem and then i suppose i will have to stay in overnight (hoping thats not the case!!)

Yes definately keep me posted :-) private message me if you ever need just a chat or a rant! I was so awful waiting for my colposcopy so i can't imagine how i am going to be when i am going to actually be waiting for my results xxx

Hey everyone, just thought I'd update my thread with new info.

My biopsy results came back as CIN1 and CIN2, as well as CGIN. As a result they're opting to carry out LLETZ under GA, seemingly sometime soon as my pre-admission appointment is in a few days time. Anyone know how long the wait between pre-admission appt and the actual op is? Also how long is the pre-admission appointment? 

I have pretty bad anxiety/panic disorder and almost passed out after my colposcopy so I'm a little worried that just being back in a hospital environment might trigger it again! Just glad I'm getting knocked out for the procedure itself!

Thanks to all you lovely ladies.

P xoxo