Hello I'm new and bewildered!

Hi everyone, it feels very weird to be posting in this forum but here I am. Just feels nice to be around people who know what I'm going through :)

I'm Suzie and I'm 25 years old and am here following my first routine smear test. 

This whole thing has happened so fast that I'm still feeling a little bit stunned by it all, but last week I was called into discuss my LLETZ results and informed that they found squamous cell carcinoma on my sample. 

I'm going in for a cold knife cone biopsy (do they have to give it such a scary name?!) on Wednesday and I'm really just looking to hear from anyone who's had this done before, what to expect afterwards? I'm meeting with my oncology nurse tomorrow to talk it through with her but you know how it is, I'm tired of waiting and just want to know everything as soon as possible!



Hi Suzie,


Just wanted to offer a message of support, I didn't have the same treatment as you, but I hope it goes well and that they manage to treat you quickly. Have they offered any scans or said what stage it is?

It is a complete rollercoaster of emotions so feel free to ask advice here or have a rantwise all understand.

I'm not sure how helpful it is but I wrote a blog of my experiences which is on my profile, it was mainly to thrash out my own thoughts but friends found it useful to see what was going on without having to ask me everything.

Hope all goes well for you Hun...the ladies on here are amazing & there isalwayssomeone who will support you.

K xx

* is always someone on here 

Hi Suzie

I don't have any experience of that procedure but like the other ladies I wanted to send a message of support. I'm 26 and was also diagnosed following a routine smear - I know it is a massive shock both for you and family/friends. As you say everything moves very quickly which is mostly a good thing but it is something of a whirlwind!

Hope your nurse was able to answer your queries and the biopsy isn't too bad. 

Best wishes

Lou x

Hi Suzie,

hope all has gone smoothly today - let us know how you're doing


Hi Suzie....

Hope you are ok....thinking of you

Hi everyone, thanks for all the messages.

I met my oncology nurse and she was absolutely lovely! I felt really positive after meeting her. My cancer is staged at 1A1 - the earliest stage, and she said that she's feeling really confident that after I've had my cone biopsy they won't need to do any further treatment. I'm trying not to get too hopeful, but I'm feeling positive and very lucky.

I've got my procedure tomorrow, feeling really nervous about it but glad I haven't had to wait long. I've got a provisional appointment for next Monday to discuss the outcome from my procedure so not too long to wait at all.

That’s great news :slight_smile:

Are ou having it done under GA? I was home by 3pm when I had my LLETZ done as a day case under GA and felt fine afterwards.

Best of luck with the procedure!



When I had my LLETZ, I had an additional cone of tissue which the doc called a 'top hat' removed. Mine was done under local anaesthetic (cos I'm hard Wink ) so I saw what they took out and if you picture the LLETZ scoop as a miniature snowman's head then the extra bit was his traffic cone hat. I understand that the total amount of tissue removed is the same as a cone biopsy, which is usually done under general anaesthetic.

Based on all the conversations I've had on here, my recovery was pretty much the same as other women who had regular LLETZ, although I did have an occasional little zing of pain high in my cervix at odd times. Nothing more than a quick wince and it was gone so don't worry - I think it just took a bit longer for the top of the cone to heal.

So, recovery is not much fun, but it's bearable - hopefully, that will be all you end up having done.

Good luck! x

Thanks girls! I'd already had the LLETZ done under local anaesthetic and that was OK, didn't bother me at all. Just the bleeding and wearing sanitary towels afterwards I found to be frustrating and uncomfortable.

They told me they wouldn't do the knife biopsy under LA because they need to take quite a large amount away and it would just be too uncomfortable. But anyway I had it done at 9am today and I'm now at my mums house getting made lots of cups of tea :) I went to the toilet on the ward and cried A LOT for some bizarre reason after the op, but I'm OK now just sore and sleepy.

Fingers crossed that what they have taken away today is all good.

Crying and feeling a bit weird is totally normal after a GA, especially after all you've been through. It might take a few days to wear off.

Glad it all went well so far and best of luck for recovery and results xxx

Hi Suzy!
It’s such a relief to hear your story… I was diagnosed 2 days ago after similar circumstances to you, I’m also 25, and freaking about my future!

I recently had my Lletz procedure and it has come back as early stage cervical cancer… Although they haven’t let me know the actual stage yet… Due to have an MRI scan in 2 weeks, did you have to have one of those?

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s given me abit of positivity!

Emma x