Hello first post

hello there lovely ladies,


This is my first post and I'm just hoping for any info or support from you guys. I'm 24 and have just been referred for a colposcopyon the 2WW list which means I have to have been seen within 2 weeks. I have been seeing my GP since September for which what I though was originally ovarian cysts (as theyhave been picked up a few years ago on ultrasound) and I thought they were Making my symptoms wworse which I've had for over a year but recently seems to have gotten worse since march or so- intermenstrual bleeding, pain, backache, post coitalbleeding etc) for which he mentioned endometriosis so booked me in for scans and an internal in order to be able to refer me for a laprascopy to confirm diagnosis of endometriosis.


Then after my internal and the results of the swabs (all negative for any infection) he called me back in and asked meI again about the discharge, pain, intermenstrual bleeding and post coital pain and bleeding. This is when hementionthe cervical cancer and although I haven't had a smear yet (I'm now booked in for Friday) he would like to refer me for colposcopy within 2 weeks.Apparently, what they saw on the internal exam, they didn't really like the look of and I bled more thanexpected upon just taking the swabs. 

So that's my story do far. Feeling ok but just seeing the words "2WW suspected gynaecological cancer" and "Type of cancer suspected: cervical" makes me feel a bit strange.... But ok otherwise, have read a couple of stories on here and I'm feeling rational again now :)


Sp hello everyone and thanks for your info or support in advance :)

Charlotte x

Really sorry to hear that Charlotte and fingers crossed for you. GP's do have a duty to ensure that any sinister symptoms should be checked straight away and there is a whole range of other things that could be causing your symptoms too so as hard as it is try not to worry yourself too much. There are lots of lovely ladies in hand here if you need to talk. 

Vic xxx

hi there I had my first abnormal smear in Sept with borderline changes and hpv, I started to freak out till I came across this forum, I was sent for a colposcopy which I had 3 punch biopsies taken which came back as cin3 which is pre cancer, had leep done on Tues under local anesthetic which for me wasn't a nice experience, it always seems to be appointment then wait for results lol its a very scary and uncertain time for us all but fingers crossed they got everything first time for me. I hope everything goes well for u keep strong xxxx

Firstly, let me apologise for my awful spelling and grammar on the first post....my phone didn't like using this forum it seems haha!


You're both right, the waiting feels worse than anything else so far. Feels as though I am waiting every day for the appointment to pop through. I'm staying away from google and trying not to freak out which i ddnt think i would, but i think its just the anxiety waiting for the apointment...i feel silly! once i have the appointment i'll feel more in control i think. I'm mostly trying to think"it will be something which turns out to be nothing" like a fatty breast lump tissue or something like that y'know? It's just the fact that he refferred me on the back of what they saw on the internal (should've asked for a mirror so i could see too....next time ;)) that's bothering me.... thinking there must be some cause for concern. But on the other hand Vix, you are soo right, duty bound to investigate so i guess it's just a bit of box ticking for the Dr i.e. I fit the criteria so best just to refer. At least there is no infection present which is always good :)

Kelbev, are you waiting for results from the LLETZ/Leep done then? Fingers crossed.


Thanks for the replies ladies xxx

Hiya ladies, me again,

and anyone seen a consultant before colp/treatment?


Because after my appointment "got lost" due to choose and book not workinghad rang up to chase it and then today had a phone all from the service manager offering me an appointment with the consultant next week (I breach the 2WWtime tomorrow).It's seems to be the norm for people to go straight to colp??


Many thanks x

Don't read too much into the fact that you are being seen by the consultant. On my original appointment I was seen by the consultant because he was the guy that deals with colposcopys. (and thats what i needed, sent on a 2ww)When I was diagnosed I moved to a different consultant (even though I still see first consultant sometimes for folllow ups) This consulatnt you are seeing may just be THE colposcopy guy (or lady) if that makes sense.


Good luck and let us know how you get on.

oh no, I wasn't reading into it...just thought it was strange as everyone seems to go for colp first! I asked on the phone whether they would be doing colp on my appointment and the manager seemed to think not as I was student nurse on the ward where i know they do the colposcopy's and didnt fancy having my bits and bobs treated where i was known! (Although i really don't know why i'm bothered as im getting to the stage now where  think id be recognised quicker if they wheeled me in feet first and knickerless..)

So when i asked if could be at my local hospital (sadly not as they are full) the manager replied that this was just for "the initial meeting and chat". Obviously, they don't know much clinically but she booked the appointment and it doesn't seem to be a "clinical" sort of appointment if that makes sense! just thought it was strange but perhaps just a different way of doing things :)


hope you are well :) xx