Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say hello and how pleased I am to find this site !

Id had enough of googling and reading the same over and over again ! I was feeling unwell, had a little spotting and took myself to the doctors - she arranged a smear as it seems my last

was 2007 !! I had no idea ! Anyway the results came on Friday with a severe dyskariosis result and a promise of a colposcopy appointment within 5 days. Chased the postman this morning and no letter ! I am sure you will all agree that the waiting is the horrible - especially as us women tend to fear the worst ! Im a bit alone with all this as I havent told my family, I am a single parent of three boys and wouldnt want to worry them either. I have friends but i`m still keeping it to myself for now, i think it will keep me stronger ! Not sure of my logic there !! Might be from being a single mum - independant cos ive had to be !

Anyway, sending love and best wishes to everyone waiting or with results or just reading my post !

Trudi x

The waiting is by far one of the biggest struggles I think we all face. 

I think I received an appointment through the post after about a week and the. It was a week or 2 after that I had the actual appointment. 

Then I'm afraid itl be either biopsies or treatment and then more waiting.

This site is great though for if your feeling anxious with waiting or just want to talk/advice. 

youl be suprised at how many of your female friends may of had abnormal results and even treatment for abnormal cells. 

Iv only told a select few people but find this site is easy to talk on as people can gove their own personal experiences Which I'd rather here than a not very informative NHS leaflet! 

ask away whenever you need too. 




welcome to jos! This is a fab website to come too, far better than googling!

yes, the waiting is the worst bit by far, if you read all the posts on here you will see everyone agrees. If the post doesn't bring the letter, ring the hospital and they will be able to tell you- I did this then the letter turned up 2 days later anyway!

TRY not to worry. You will notice the colposcopy part of this website is far far busier with new names than the newly diagnosed/treatment part as the truth is most people go no further than LLETZ at the most.

good luck

xxx dons

if ur worried and don't want to talk to family, etc, try the old forum posts section on here as well, loads and loads of stuff to help

Hi Trudi


Echo the ladies comments and just to say my letter took a week and then I arranged my colposcopy (I had to do it via GP) for 12 or so days later. Hopefully they will treat you there and then so you dont have to go through waiting, then more treatment and waiting.....as everybody says thats the worst part. Sorry to hear your going trough this alone....except your not really, we are all hear to lend an hear and help you through it all.

best of luck with your treatment xxx

Hello again,

thank you all for taking the time to read and reply to my post. Today i finally got my appointment !! Woop Woop !! Well at least that waiting part is over - now on to the next waiting game as my appointment is not until the 30th ! I telephoned the department and have put my name down for any cancellations - so fingers crossed I might get seen sooner. Also found out that due to a blood disorder I have I cannot have any treatment on the day and any procedure I have will be done in theatre so that means more waiting post colposcopy - presuming i will need treatment. But i am guessing that if they have seen severe dysk then i will need something done. With that in mind i got a quote to go private and have been quoted £1000 for colposcopy alone. Saw my GP who advised not to attempt to mix private and NHS care as it could get messy administration wise - she assured me that worse case senario is obviously CC and that CC is very slow and not aggressive therefore if i can cope with waiting then that is what she advises. Anyway ... feeling alot more calmer now and just playing the waiting game as many of you out there are too - and hey Ive saved £1000 too ! Lots of love and best wishes to you all, thanks for reading xxx


yes, I looked at private for MRI and was over £600 for cheapest one then was also advised not to mix the two as private are not very good at getting the results back to NHS so can end up being very slow... Stick wi the NHS. If you do have cc (hope not!) they have their target of getting treatment started within 4 weeks of diagnosis anyway. Plus, cc is a slow growing cancer so try not to worry...

keep yourself busy until 30th- only 19 days, they will go quicker than you think.

fingers crossed

xxx dons

Hi I am new to the site :) it's lovely to see all the 

support on here!! :) I agree the waiting is the worst! 

Just thought I'd share my experience, I had LLETZ for CIN3

last October (2012) with clear margins, and was meant 

to be having a follow up smear 3 months later, but fell 

pregnant in the December (as thought LLETZ would affect 

getting pregnant and I wanted another baby) so they said I had to 

wait for smear after baby, I had my baby girl September, she 

is now 5 weeks old and lovely :)  I am having my smear when she

is 12 weeks old and am feeling nervous now as its first follow up and 

am wondering what the chances are of it coming back abnormal? I am preparing/ 

Expecting an abnormal result and won't panic as much as the first time! But was just looking ffor others thoughts

 On this! :) oh and to add my CIN3 result came ffrom first smear as I have turned 26 this year