hello advice would be lovely :)

hi, i'm 26 years old and had my first smear test last year which was normal, i've experienced some vaginal bleeding between periods and after sex since about april time. i have recently been to the doctor who had a look at my cervix she mentioned i had some marks (cant recall what she called them) but said they sometimes occur when women are on the pill and also mentioned i had a cyst and because of these things she decided to send me for a colposcopy which i havent had an appointment for yet, i have a history of anxiety and since this initial appointment i have experienced bleeding about another 2 or 3 times and i am so worried about it being something serious my mind goes into overdrive because of my anxiety i immediately imagine the worst and start thinking of how my children would cope if something were to happen to me completely crazy i know! but i was wondering if any of you lovely women could give me any advice on what else could possibly cause abnorma vaginal bleeding as i cant seem to get any advice anywhere my gp surgery has no appointments this week and i'm starting to drive myself slightly crazy

Hello I'm exactly the same I'm 24 and had abnormal bleeding I have just had a colonoscopy and awaiting results i have 3 children and at first I was thinking the same things as you but once I went for the appointment and had it done theirs a million and one things it could be please stay strong easier said than done i know