Hello A question please from a newbie

Hello, have a bit of an odd question if anyone can help me please, I am having a Pepscan on Friday and all being well and my grade 3 aggresive cervical cancer hasnt spread I will be having a radical hysterectomy in the next 2 weeks, my question is I am still taking the contreceptive pill "Cereazette", do I stop taking now or wait till the op, then stop, I didnt know whether I would get any side effects from stopping now, I am periodically bleeding now so also didnt want to make that worse, I know it doesnt sound dramatic but I am quite concerned as I cannot get a GP appointment for two weeks, my GP surgery is not the best place either. This has all come as a bit of a shock to me as I thought as I am nearly 50 it was the menapause starting Thankyou for reading 

Hi sugarpuff

i think it would be best to just keep taking your pill. I'm sure it doesn't matter either way but to prolong a period in case more internal exams have to be done then all the better.

In fact I probably would start the next round to just avoid a period and with your op coming up they will just take it out and all.

If you are really worries just keeo calling your nurse as she should be able to give more insite.

Good luck


That did cross my mind as well, fortunantly the day I start my new packet is the day before the op, is that an omen? Laughing I did phone the Macmillian nurse but as she had not heard a question like that she wasnt sure, but thankyou for your answer, I shall folow your advice 

I wud  ring ur consultants secretary  n ask the  Secretary  to ask  your consultant x


I did ring and yes keep taking till op, as dont want any side effects before hand, then also after if going to get menapuse straight away 

Thanks for advice 

Hi there

I also take cerazette and did not have to stop taking it before the operation.

I read in some literature sometimes it is advised to stop taking pill but as ours is the mini pill we can carry on taking it.

Good luck! x