Hello <3

I'm fairly early on here and have just - 2 days ago - been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. I'm lucky, I think, insomuch as my MRI is booked this Sunday. The MDTs are on Mondays up here, so I think I might be faced with a week of waiting before they discuss how to treat this. Waiting is the worst bit. So far Ive learnt two things: 1. do not google things, 2. keep busy. Like I said, all this is very early on, but the consultant indicated that I will need a radical hysterectomy and possibily radiotherapy, too. 

In the meantime, I've been told a few things about my hospital. People at work seem not to rate it very highly. I live between two hospitals: Derby and Nottingham, and I'm wondering if I should take notice of what my colleagues have told me and swap hospitals. I know that people say all sorts of things about hospitals and I'm not sure if it's wise to focus on that now.

I've told my mum. I think she's been googling things, too. I don't want to upset her by showing her how frightened I am, and I've told her that google can be very misleading (she knows this already, but it's hard not to morbidly google a prognosis). She lives down south and I can't see her easily, but I've never felt so far away from her as I do now. Looking at the time frame, I'm wondering if I'll be in hospital over Christmas. I guess it'd be unlikely for things to move that quickly, but if that was the case I think I'd want to postpone it so I can travel down to see my mum.

My boyfriend is being supportive, but I'm really worried for him and how he might cope with all this in the long term. I've thought about leaving him because I don't want to put him through this, but that's over-reacting because I don't even know what 'this' is.

And then there's work. Money. A routine. It all feels so up in the air.

Looking back I think there were signs that something was up: I felt more fatigued than normal, a bit nauseous, and perhaps sex was a bit painful. But it would be madness to attribute those symptoms to cancer - so I just ignored them until I got the unusual bleeding. I think I missed my last PAP test, too; meaning my last test was nearly 6 years ago. I feel like I should have been more cautious and gone to the GPs much earlier. I keep replaying that in my mind. Although when I did go to the GPs back in May they passed it off as genital warts - I've been with my partner with 7 years and never had genital warts in the past. Now I really wish I had warts! 

I'm very scared. 

Hi Again

Myself and Karen replied to your first post, don't know if you saw them?

First of all you need to get your MRI and MDT meeting out of the way to get your staging. Don't beat yourself up over your smear, adenocarcinoma is one of the cancers not always picked up by the test. I was up to date and mine wasn't, plus not everyone with cervical cancer has the HPV virus.

My staging was a 1b and had a radical hysterectomy, if no lymph node involvement you won't need radiotherapy, each health authority deals with it slightly differently. I'm not that far from you so think yours would be similar. Just get the staging out the way then you'll have a clearer picture.

Your head will be all over the place at the moment so just try to ride the next couple of weeks and make no rash decisions.

As far as treatment is concerned, we are supposed to start treatment within 62 days of a suspected cancer referral. 

I really hope all goes amazingly well xx

Thanks for replying again! Sorry, thought I deleted the previous post as I should've posted here in 'newly diagnosed'. As you said, head all over...

Yeah, I keep playing out possible outcomes. It's exhausting. I think I'll feel better when I have a better handle on my diagnosis and treatment plan. Roll on MDT and staging. 

Anyway, wishing you all the best luck in your treatment and recovery.



Hi Eliop :-)

I am sorry that you are scared, but that is understandable :-) The kind of people who slag off hospitals are usually talking about what the food is like and not the treatment. They are also usually people who have not actually needed to have life-saving treatment.

You are correct. Keep well away from Google, it is not your friend. You are reacting in the absolutely classic style by being concerned about your mum and your chap and not wanting to cause them any concern. You have exactly the right spirit to face this and you are going to do well. Really you are :-)

Be lucky :-)