Heavy watery yet not smelly discharge after trachelectomy

Hi there,
I had a trachelectomy last Tuesday, which was performed using key hole surgery.
I have been home since Friday and had been making what I felt was good recovery ~until today…
I have something that feels like mild period pain, have been feeling headachy and exhausted and, crucially a heavy, non smelly watery discharge.
I rang the clinical nurse about it and she said it was fine if not smelly but since then it has become very very heavy, soaking through a night time sanitary pad, pants and pyjama bottoms and even dressing gown in a couple hours.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Thanks xxx

Hey Henrah, 

Sorry to hear about your trachelectomy, hope you're not in too much discomfort.

I had the LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago and I know it's not the same but I had the same sort of discharge. TMI, I know, but I was waking in the morning as though I'd wet the bed! I spoke to my nurse about it (I had an infection) but she explained that the watery/wet discharge is like what you'd find on an open scab. Because it's in a more warm and damp place, the wound doesn't heal properly which is what the watery discharge is. 

Like I said, different procedures but hope this helps! 





Thanks very much, skips.  This is reassuring and makes sense. 

Trouble is I can't even go downstairs to eat dinner without massive leaking even with a pad! It's terribly embarrassing 

Hope you're feeling better following your lletz

Thanks for responding xxx

Hi Henrah, I hope you are recovering well after your trachelectomy.  I'm not a Dr but I am assuming you had lymph nodes removed in the surgery?  Only that I had fluid "leaking" after my trachlectomy too.  It was like a gush of water pretty much every time I stood up, and like you, I had to wear some very big pads!  It was lymph fluid, basically my body got confused as I'd had several nodes removed and it didn't know where to send the additional fluid so it all came out one way!  It lasted around 14 days if I remember correctly, and then just stopped suddenly.   I've had no issues since and I'm over 3 years on now.

It could be something compeltely different, but I wanted to share my experience as it does sound quite similar

good luck and take care x

It ended up being lymph . They tested it wasn't urine with a ct scan x