Heavy periods after biopsy

Hi everyone,

I had a biopsy in July 2023 and fortunately there were no worrying cell changes in my test results, however I have been experiencing extremely heavy periods ever since. I’ve historically always had quite heavy periods, but not to the extent that they soaked through my pads. I’m now having to change my sanitary towels a lot more regularly than I used to. These periods are also over more quickly than my pre-biopsy periods, which would last 5-6 days. They now last 3-3.5 days. My period cramps are also a lot more intense and not like anything I’ve experienced before.

I’ve Googled the topic, and from what I’ve gathered, it’s normal to have heavier periods a few months after a cervical biopsy, but it’s now been 9 months of me having these very heavy periods and intense cramps. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar, or might know why this is happening? I’m worried that the procedure may have inflicted more damage to my cervix than it usually would.