Heavy Period after Lletz

Hi there

I had my Lletz last Wed (under general). All went well, have had no pain at all since and apart from a bit of spotting I would not have known I had anything done.

My Period came on Sat.....well on day 3 its so heavy I am having to change pads every hour......I have had dizzy spells all day as well. I went to docs as I am a bit worried that it smells bad too (sorry if TMI) I have been given antibiotics. she took my blood pressure which was fine and  doesn't think the heavy period is anything to worry about but told me if it did get really bad then I should go to A and E. (its no that bad obviously)

I just wondered if anyone else experienced this with their first period after Lletz? Was it really heavy and how long did it last?

Many thanks


Am guessing its really quiet at moment....no worries bleeding has subsided and feel better, thanks if you read this :-)

Hope you feel better soon Jac - just be kind to yourself and let others spoil you. In the grand scheme of things we, as women, spend most of our time giving to others. make the most of being on the receiving end for a while xx

Hi lily

ahh thanks do much...I come on here sometimes just to sound off as much as anything, i don't often expect someone to answer my questions, but it always nice to get a response :-)

i know your going through a horrendous ordeal...hope the colposcopy goes ok for you and I will be thinking about you

take care xx