Heavy/dragging feeling

Hello lovely ladies, I’m new here so I hope I can do this right…

Ok so I had my second CIN3 diagnosis about a month ago (second routine smear, first one was abnormal and treated with lletz then all good 6 months later) I was offered a colposcopy a week later and another lletz treatment there and then so I had it and bled quite heavily, I ended up in hospital on Friday night due to a secondary heamorrage, luckily they managed to stop the bleeding with cold coagulation and tranexamic acid and let me go home Sunday morning.

Since having the treatment in hospital over the weekend I’ve been spotting brown (old blood) and a bit of pink which they told me to expect…

What they didn’t mention was this awful feeling like my insides are going to fall out it feels really heavy (I sometimes get it when I’m on my period but goes away when I sit down) it just won’t ease off no matter whether I’m standing, sitting or lying down and it’s making me very restless, I’ve had 2 big babies (10lb 8 and 9lb 6) and I know my pelvic floor isn’t the best! Is the feeling normal and will it go away ?

I’ve worried myself on Google and now I’m convinced I’m having a prolapse or something (I’m sure the amount of times the Drs have looked up there this weekend they would have noticed if I was)

Is it ok to do my pelvic floor exercises or could this set me off bleeding again?

Thanks in advance

Hi Lauren,

I haven't had a lletz treatment before so I can't really comment on what is or isn't 'normal'. However, I didn't want to read and run!

The worst thing to do is to use google! So try and avoid it if you can! I know that the helpline service here on Jo's has helped many ladies, so perhaps consider giving them a call?

all the best x

Hi Lauren! 

Sorry your going through this :( you said you had two abnormal smears. How long was it after the first abnormal smear you had that you had your next abnormal smear ??xx

  • Hi Lauren I had the same feeling got advised it's just a sensation you will feel after treatment because of swelling I'm now 9 days in and starting to get soar sides almost like a stitch only when I move around,