Heavy Bleeding

hey guys I'm new here and need some advice,I have been bleeding constantly now for the past 11 months and have now had an abnormal smear I have visited my doctor a few times every week for months and the keep giving me different medication but have not bothered to find the cause, I have a few women in my family whom have had various cancers and I am very worried I may have it too . Any advice you can give is very welcome Thanks Marie-Claire


** just to add as well my iron count is very low so now have to have iv iron,that isn't nice at all

I have dizzy spells daily and am constantly tired.

My advice.....get a different doctor! Seriously, get a second opinion. Bleeding can be a symptom of cervical cancer but can also be a symptom of other things which are not so sinister. Good Luck.

Do you have a contraceptive coil fitted? That can cause long term bleeding. However I agree with above advice. Seek second opinion. 

I Have been sterilised but have since tried the pill,injection and the coil but all made it worse,I don't know what else to do now as I'm tired all the time and am losing weight rapidly Thanks for replying x

Sweetie, this is not good enough! I am cross for you. Def get new doc, what follow is planned from your abnormal smear? Are toe being sent for a colposcopy?

Hugs, Molly xxx

Yes I have an emergency appointment now on Tuesday,I went to a&e tonight as I passed out again so they booked it for me and the consultant too :) maybe I will finally get some answers xx Thank you

Good. About time they took it seriously. Let us know how you get on. Xxxx

I'm so so nervous for Tuesday :( going alone is making it worse...any calming advice welcome x