Heavy bleeding please help

Hi ladies

im looking for advice reassurance.  I've been bleeding quite a lot for last few days.  Tonight I'm out at a leaving do and bleeding a lot plus some clots.  I don't know if it's a period or the cancer and not sure if/when I should worry 


can someone please advise.  I don't feel faint or anything but the blood is freaking me out.

please reply please help



HI Kimmy

Not sure I can help but didn't want to read and run.  Can I ask how heavy you are bleeding?  How quickly are you soaking through pads/tampons?  How big are the clots? I am sure it is probably nothing to worry about and by the sounds of it, it could be your period.  Don't forget that all of the stress of diagnosis can throw your body and your periods into chaos 



Hi Kimmy,

Sorry to hear you're having issues. I bleed an awful lot some days, which is often more noticeable when I'm more active. I've always been told by my nurse that it's nothing to worry about, but if it was so bad that it wasn't contained by pads, to let someone know.



Hi Kimmy :-)

I do hope things are a bit better for you now than they were when you wrote your post. I used to find that period blood tended to be darker and with clots, whereas a cancer bleed was bright red fresh blood. If yours is bright red and there is a lot of it please seek medical advice.


Be lucky :-)