Heavy bleeding/period post lletz

Hi ladies,

this may sound like a silly question...... I had a colonoscop, hysteroscopy, lletz & coil fitted 9 days ago, there was a little red blood at first but then has been a watery pink discharge until yesterday when I started bleeding heavy  bright red blood and was told I should speak to my gp if I get bright red blood.... So my question is how do I know if I'm bleeding from the lletz or I have started my period? I'm not due until next week but I was told my next period could be early or late or heavy or light! I don't want to ring my gp about a period! (sorry if tmi)




There's no such thing as TMI on this site :-)

As far as I recall ;-) periods are not bright red fresh blood but older and darker.

If you were told to speak with your GP if you get bright red blood and you have got bright red blood then you should speak with your GP.

Hope that helps.



I went to docs and he gave me some antibiotics, I guess it's always best to get things checked. 


just off the record, my period is always bright red (just like blood) and it is is like that the first 3-4 days, then it slowly turns darker. It has always pbeen like that for the last 22 years:)))