Heavy bleeding on the pill.


I’m 28 years old and had the LLETZ procedure done just over a week ago after they found high grade dyskaryosis. It all happened so quick, one minute I was having my smear test and a week later I was in the hospital, even though I’m so grateful that I got treated so quickly I haven’t really had any time to process what has happened.

The first couple of days after I was in quite a lot of pain and had a high temperature, after going to my GP they found that I had caught an infection, they gave me antibiotics and my temperature has gone back to normal.

I’ve been experiencing some brown spotting but nothing a pad couldn’t deal with but the past few days I have been having some heavy red bleeding and cramps, a lot like a heavy period. The trouble is I am on the desogestrel pill which means I don’t have periods (I haven’t for 8 years), at the time of the procedure the hospital told me to carry on taking the pill which I have so I’m a little bit worried that the heavy bleeding could mean something else :frowning:

Any advise would be very helpful


your story is very similar to mine had my smear and within 10 days I was having the LLETZ tteatment. they also told me to carry on taking my pill ( I do have periods) so that I would not have a period and then I would know if I was bleeding after the LLETZ. So far sorry if it's to much info, watery discharge orange/brown and now I am having a black/grey discharge which I think is the cauterised area breaking away, then I think the bleed will happen.

hope this helps a little as o know it is all so worrying and it just the unknown and everyone is different. I am 10 days post LLETZ now so think I will bleed shortly.

if you are worried or think the bleed is to heavy don't hesitate to call for advice I know some people on here have also been through similar and they phoned their GP

kerry X 



Thank you for your message. I had black discharge about 2 days ago so it all seems to be happening in the same order. I will give it a couple of days and if it doesn't slow down I will call my GP just to put my mind at ease.

I guess we are all in the same boat, its hard to stay positive sitting around waiting for results but it's nice to know we have a place like this for advice.

I hope everything goes well for you x


Hi, I know how you feel it is like a whirlwind, I have struggled really lost my appetite and not sleeping well if at all some nights. The waiting for results is difficult but what I found is coming on here and reading people's posts and recirving the support has really helped. I am so glad I found this site

mske sure you do ring the GP if it doesn't settle down and let me know how you are

hope all goes well for you too 




I had very heavy bleeding two weeks after my lletz and got rushed to a&e because of it. 

If you are worried just think about things like how often you have to changet your pad..I know it sounds silly but if its something like every hour then I would see somebody. If you are ever worried you can always call 111. I didn't phone anyone because I feared I would be wasting their time but glad I eventually did.  If you have any questions I'd be happy to try and help. 

I wouldn't worry too much (easier said than done) but you know your own body so if your worried it might be worth calling 111 or your doctor. 

Your not alone...after my lletz I cried every night,  just wanted to sleep all the time. It's so draining emotionally isn't it...and that was before I was rushed to a&e so you can imagine what I was like after lol