Heavy bleeding erosions on cervix

Hi I hope some one can help I so confused and worried sick. I came on my period as usual but day2 was passing blood clots that were large I went to a&e I was in so much pain they did blood tests and sent me home. the following morning I woke up covered in blood ran to toilet where I lost so much blood my body went in to shock a ambulance was called my blood pressure had dropped and wasn’t well at all I got sent straight to gynocology who examined me there thoughts were heavy menstrual bleeding while examining me they found 2 erosions on my cervix I didn’t take in much information as I wasnt really with it they gave me pills to stop the bleeding which worked and sent me home the next day. I got urgent referral to coloscopy for the erosions.also my doctor sent me for a scan as she didn’t understand why this hadn’t been done at the hospital to check for fibroid and stuff. My scan came first the nurse said I had thick womb lining which she couldn’t understand due to my been on nexplanon the birth control implant??? That’s my first concern this wasn’t explained in much detail also a small fibroid was found but no concern there. Then a week later I went to coloscopy soon as the acid was applied it showed a white area which she explained had shown up rather quickly and also a pattern of what she described as Islands she took two biopsies and said I will receive a letter with results also did a smear which I am nervously waiting for I haven’t slept properly in a week I struggling as my iron is low as it is. I am worried sick I don’t know if results from my scan and cervix are connect not sure if they can be connected and if the white areas showing up so quickly are a problem if any one could help I would really appreciate it I have spoke to doctors they are no help feel like something been hidden from me thanks xx