Heavy bleeding and aches after 1 week radio... anyone?

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is doing well.

So I finally started my chemorads this last week. I have completed one week.

I have had 5 days of radio (Mon-Fri), by the Tuesday I was spotting, by the Thursday I was light bleeding, and since Friday night (now Sunday night) I have had very heavy bleeding. I am going to be very descriptive - it is definitely heavier than a period, and now am passing clots as well. I am going through about 4 pads per day. The blood is so red and dense, nothing like period blood at all. It’s so red, like the red you see on medical shows. Every time I go to the toilet I have to brace myself to see it, because the brightness of the blood scares me.

The only other symptom I have had is just a constant strong achiness in my pelvis area, similar to where period pain would be but it is not like period pain, it is more of an ache with some throbbing on and off. I am taking some pain killers for it.

My radiation doctor was away last week but I mentioned the bleeding to the nurses, who said that some light bleeding is normal. But since Friday it has become really heavy. I am going to mention it tomorrow to the doctor, because I am really concerned about it.

Has anyone else experienced this? I can’t imagine that this could go on for the next 6 weeks and be “acceptable”.

Thanks girls.

Rosie xx

Hi Rosie 

is this the first period after birth? About 6-7 weeks after my c-section my first period was very similar to what you are discribing. Could this be it?

also, I had my last period in week 3 of chemorad and it was a lot heavier and more clotty like(almost stringy) it lasted about 1.5 weeks and then slowly tapered off. 

I think you should still mention it this week but I thought I'd share my experiences. 

Hope you are doing well. 


Sorry I can't help with this one Rosie but definitely tell your team.

Be lucky :-)

I will chime in by saying that after my first week of radio around when my period would come, I got the worst bleed and pain of my life. It was so heavy, it was so painful! Did this come around when you would normally have a period? Also it was the last period I have had.

Hi girls 

Thank you for your advice and experience. 

An update on me - my bleeding has continued (day 11 now) and is still very heavy and clotty (sorry!). I really don't think it is a period but I wouldn't know for sure. I also have intense cramping and on/off stabbing pains.

I told the doctors about it who said it isn't "normal" and that radio usually stops heavy bleeding and only spotting happens. So the radiation doctor said that if it doesn't stop by next week (this coming week) that they will send me up to Gynae onc to investigate.

I am petrified that something is happening that shouldn't be happeninG and that further damage is being done internally. I don't know what though. What do you ladies think? It's a public holiday here on Monday in Australia. But I cannot wait to get back to the doctors on Tuesday to tell them the bleeding hasnt stopped over the weekend and see what they can do. 

Hope everyone is doing well. 


Rosie xx