Heavy bleeding after sex


This is my first time posting on here and not sure if I’ve posted in the right place as I haven’t actually been diagnosed with anything but was hoping for a little advice.

For around 6 months now I’ve been bleeding after sex, I had a pill check a few weeks ago and stupidly didn’t bring this up as just before that I hadn’t bled after sex so I thought “well if there was anything wrong surely it would be every time...?” Anyway, I have now made another appointment to see a female doctor which is on the 28th of December as I’m now starting to become really concerned as it’s still happening, for example I had sex on Thursday night and since then I have been bleeding very heavily and it’s still going on now (Sunday) I’m having to change my pad every couple of hours, I’ve also been experiencing cramping/back pain. I am on the pill and take it every morning at the same time and am not due on my period for another 9 day’s. I had a smear test at the beginning of this year that came back clear and I’m only 25, I have 2 young children. I think I keep convincing myself that it can’t possibly be anything serious but....? 

Has anyone been through anything similar? 

Appreciate any replies! Xx

Hi Amy, I am having the same troubles. Had a blood test, smear and swabs so just awaiting results as we speak. What did your doctor say after? As I notice a few months will have passed by now. Best Wishes xx