Heavy bleeding after infection diagnosis

Hey ladies. I was in for lletz Monday. Was rushed into hospital lastnight with a really bad infection. Started with slight pain and a brown discharge the night before. I woke up yesterday in agony and like I had the worse flu of my life!! Pumped full of all sorts and they wanted to keep me in on Iv overnight. Ive never been away from my kids so asked if it was ok to go home. Eventually they agreed. Got home about midnight. Ive been in bed all day today sweating like I’ve never seen before!! Ive woken up this afternoon with very very heavy bleeding. (Sorry) big thick clots also. I know that’s a sign of infection and I’m already on 2 different antibiotics for 2 weeks but it’s just freaked me out. I didn’t have bleeding yesterday and not sure if they would have done anything different if I did? Not sure what to do now? Shall I wait until tomorrow and phone my hospital or go back up to a&e? Obviously if it gets worse or doesn’t ease off I will. X

I'm sorry you've had such an awful experience I really hope the antibiotics kick in nice and quickly. If it were me I'd ring back the hospital to check if those symptoms are expected. If it gets worse definitely a and e. Better to get checked out than leave it. Good luck xxx