Healthy cervix but still having symptoms

I had CIN2 removed in 2017 and my test of cure was all clear for HPV and no bad cells in December 2017. I was also told I had a cervical erosion that has now gone.


Since January this year I've been having all the same symptoms again:

Bleeding after sex, bright red

Pain during and often after sex, dull and achy

Spotting between periods. This can range from seeing it when wiping, streaky mucusy blood and needing a liner for a few days. Usually brown spotting

Constant discharge, thick and white/yellow (no thrush, always tested negative)

Niggly crampy pains in my hips, legs and bum (no endometriosis, had laparoscopy)

No fibroids, no endometriosis, no polyps, healthy ovaries etc.

Period are very long and heavy and dark brown/black. Have been for about 3 years now and it's not normal for me. I have a child who is 8, forceps delivery.

So what the hell is going on?! Why am I still suffering when I'm being told I'm healthy?

GP looked at my cervix last week, said looks fine and doesn't look like any erosion has come back.

Said she can't do a smear and too early and can't send me back to colposcopy as too early.

The Dr keeps giving me transacts mic acid for my heavy periods but never actually making anything go away

Please anyone help... What is wrong with me