Health anxiety is getting the best of me

I’ve had abnormal scans in the past. However, due to covid, I waited 2 years to get my scan. My last colposcopy was 3 years ago and it came back normal. 2 weeks ago, I examined myself and I found a lump on my cervix. I freaked out. I had a Pap smear and im still waiting for results. The doctor told me my cervix looks healthy and she wasn’t concerned. She said she could feel the lump I felt, but that it was because the way my cervix was turned? I’m not sure what this means.

Anyhow, I’ve been having left groin pain the last few weeks. I’m terrified, and in tears.

Can anyone share with me symptoms they may have had or any words to calm my brain?

Hi, just wanted to say it is hard to stop worrying i know, waiting for results is never fun but chances are you will be absolutely fine, the doctor has already said it looks fine (which is reassuring if not conclusive) and the odds are in your favour. But if things are abnormal, you know what happens and it isn’t the end of the world, even if it is upsetting and anxiety provoking it is unlikely to be cancer as it has only been three years since your last clear scan. All likelihood it will be all clear though and you will be glad to have got it out the way.

Hi tfein

I’m sorry you are feeling so anxious at the moment.

I’ve had cervical cancer which was preceded by fairly typical symptoms: yellowish/brownish/pinkish persistent watery discharge followed by abnormal vaginal bleeding.

In terms of how you might calm your brain you might want to consider learniing some mindfulness techniques. I’m guessing you’re not in the UK because you refer to Pap smear so I can’t really direct you to an organisation that would be able to help. However I’m sure an internet search on minfulness will come up with some options. Or no doubt a suitable book could be found in a local library or bookshop.

Best wishes


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