Health anxiety/awaiting biopsies/

don't really know why I'm posting the same thing again I guess it gives me comfort knowing I'm not alone feeling,worrying,waiting,thinking,guessing!!! Then there's the what ifs and then come fright!

I went for the colposcopy thinking nothing would be found because my last smear was normal yet when the screen showed white patches I froze and began to cry! 4x biopsies have been taken and a week has passed waiting which is agonising for someone who suffers awful health anxiety to which I'm on medication for. 


It it hurts still is this normal a week after??? 



ive had post coital bleeding on a few occasions and periods have been lasting longer and slight spotting! Pelvic pain also. 


my history is 

smear 2013 normal

2010 normal 

2008 normal


2007 mild changes


what if? The last smear missed the changes

what if? All these symptoms are advanced cc


what if? The changes are further up the canal and so my smears have missed it

what if I will die! 

Please reply


marie xxx

Hiya i completely understand what you are going through, i am currently waiting for the results from my lletz and i also suffer with anxiety. Im not sleeping and im waking up every morning very early waiting for the post and when the results arent there im so disapointed and hate the thought that its going to be another long day and night with barely any sleep! waiting for my smear test results were bad enough and they took 4 weeks. I go on holiday in 2 weeks and desperately want my results for before i go.

As for the pain i had biopsies last year and i definately remember it feeling very tender inside for about 2 weeks, it kind of felt bruised but in a weird way.

sorry i cant be of much use but i guess the only thing that will help us right now is getting that letter! I hope they dont keep you waiting to long.7


Thanks lovely! 


My my nurse has said she will ring me as soon as they are back from the lab! 

Hiw long have you already waited? 

I am going away with my family Friday and was also hoping the results would be back in time but it's not looking likely :(

Is it not weird my smear didn't pick up these changes? 


Thanks xx

it will be 3 very long weeks on friday for me, they said upto 6 weeks and that just seems like forever away! 

what did your smear results say? and did thenurse give u any idea of what they saw at the colposcopy? 

My smear 2013 was normal but my symptoms were what let me have colposcopy. 


She said she wouldn't be able to say without biopsies but said it didn't look like cancer. 

What did your nurse say x

my smear came back high grade and the nurse said looked like cin 2/3 so she offered me a lletz on the day.

Hi ladies

Ring them to chase up your results ! 

I waited 10 weeks for colposcopy/biopsy results and even then my GP had to chase it up because I'd had no luck with it and I was suffering extreme anxiety :-(

Waited 4 weeks for LLETZ results as promised but no results arrived. Rang and asked for my consultant to call me with results which he did - then took 4 weeks for a letter to arrive confirming my results .. 

The waiting is the worst part - wish you both all the best 

hiya thank you lornie, i have thought about calling but im worried they will get annoyed with me as they said 6 weeks and its only been 3...


I thought the same - but then realised if I didn't call them, I'd just be kept waiting :-( its their job to help .. In my case I got an apology from my consultant for causing so much anxiety - bless him, . Don't wait as long as I did :-( 

Thank you, well its definately worth a try, i think ill call them tomorrow and just ask... fingers crossed they have something back!

Definitely do that .. Got to be worth a try .. I told them how anxious I was, and he called me back pretty quick . Let us know how u get on x

I will do,  thank you lornie x

Had a lletz 2 weeks ago, bleeding heavier after 7 days, terrible flatulence, bloating, tummy ache and feels like I'm gonna have a baby even without being pregnant. Anybody else feel like this?

hi boffy, i felt really unwell after mine but more drained and very bad cramps, i spoke to the hospital and they reminded me its still surgery and i needed to listen to my body and rest, im now at day 19 and feel much better however i have terrible back ache and still getting a pain but only in the left side especially if i forget a try to do to much in the day... i didnt get any flatulence or bloating not to say thats not normal i think every one has different symptoms and recovery.

Hi I'm in glasgow and received my results from lettz two weeks later don't know if all trusts are different , I would definitely phone . I remember a few days after treatment terrible bloating etc , I am now day 14 post op and still getting fresh red bleeding and the occasional cramps don't know if this is normal ? Good luck with results everyone x 

Hi Ladies,

The waiting is most certainly the worst part of the process. And 'what ifs' are perfectly normal. I went in to see the oncologist in Tuesday convinced she was going to tell me I'd got months to live! Fortunately that wasn't the case at all. I've come to the conclusion that our brain programmes us to think the worst because then it can only be better.

luckily I've not had to wait for results in the same way you guys are but then again my tumour is visible on examination without colposcopy so the doctors were fairly sure from the start that I have cc.

I too would chase the results. I don't know what the differences are but my biopsy was taken in theatre and results were available a week later. Yours may not be back yet but you are clearly driving yourself crazy with worry so it's got to be worth a try.

Good luck, am thinking positive thoughts for you.

Rachel x

is it normally (not all cases) but more often people that don't go for the smears that it is at advanced stage? 


I I know this isn't the case with you rach.



Hiya just wanted to give u an update - I just called my hospital and they put me through to my drs secretary, my results arent back from the lab yet however they have put a note on the system to call me as soon as they are. They didnt make me feel like i was pestering them at all and completely understood my anxiety so i would definately suggest to others going through this to make the phone call, i feel so much better and at least now i dont need to wait by the post box for the next few days at least lol

Mine told me to try again tomorrow! Not back today! :( going away tomorrow and hoped the results would be back x

could the colcoscipist have seen if it was cin2/3