Head is wrecked!

March 2011 I had CIN 3 removed when I was living in Sydney. Have had clear smears since and all was good except a bit of abnormal bleeding last jan/feb, was referred to consultant who didn't do any tests but said as I had only had smear a few months previous it must just be hormonal. Anyway rang drs today for smear results as 6 weeks has passed and receptionist told me letter has been sent today and that abnormal cells were detected but not to worry as they weren't referring me they were just going to test again in 6 months. I will get letter tomorrow but I'm assuming prob CIN 1/2 if they are not treating me. Have dr apt on Monday as me and my husband were planning on starting trying to conceive next month and needed to ask a few questions but now I'm assuming we will have to put off having a baby for a while. My head is completely wrecked, I thought this was over and I didn't need to worry about it anymore, a feel a mix of upset/scared but mainly anger. Not that I'm angry with anyone just general anger possibly at my own body for getting this again. Has anyone else had reoccurrence after lletz? Also did anyone have to put off trying to conceive because of this?