He doesn't believe me.....

In December I had my smear it came back abnormal went for treatment, results came back CIN1 and to repeat in a years time.

Moving forward, since this has happened I’m still getting bleeding between periods, having heavy periods and twice now I’ve had a little bleed and that’s been it.

This has happened twice to me now, I should no it’s my body. However, my partner is not supporting me at all. He thinks I’m making it all up, the same man how has watched me crying rolling around in pain because my period pains are more like contraction pains now.

Sex is so painful it hurts a lot. He knows this, his been so understanding (or so I thought) with it all, he did rush sex when we were told not too so I’m worried this is causing the pain as it hurts in the same spot where 2 biopsies were taken. He seems to think that I’m lying, and it’s because I don’t want to touch him. I’ve told him it isn’t and it is purely all of this that has happened. I’m NOT over it, I’m scared for sex I’d rather have none ever again since the whole of this and he just thinks I’m lying and I’m really not.

What do I do? It’s dragging us down.

He doesn't believe you ?! I think you should take him to the doctors with you ? xx

Personally, i think he's being really selfish! You've been through a lot and he is putting his physical needs above your health and adding to your emotional stress.  I also think you should take him with you, but in the meantime you need to concentrate on yourself, youre going through a lot and having sex really won't be at the front of your mind! 


Sounds like he's being really selfish. Show him some pictures and diagrams of the ops you've had done. I think it's really mean of him to add this pressure onto you. It's enough to cope with anyway. Sending big hugs your way xx