Having sex once diagnosed

Hello everyone 

This is my first post on here but I'm hoping someone can help with a question 

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer about 6 weeks ago and I am due to start chemo radiotherapy in the next couple of weeks.

My doctor said it was ok to have sex but to expect some bleeding afterwards. I had sex last night and bled quite a lot. I am paranoid that it's made my cancer worse?? Should I stop having sex until I'm clear of it? Please help as I am quite worried I've made things worse :-(

Thank you to anyone who can help



i was told I could carry on having sex using condoms through treatment but for me it was just to painful as I tightened up very quickly at the start of my treatment, I did bleed (heavy) when we did attempt it but my consultant said it was normal.  I'm 3 months post treatment now and using dialaters to stretch my vagina so sex for us at the minute is not existent, but every time I use the dialaters I have a heavy bleed. i have been told bleeding through intercourse or other means is normal so try not to worry yourself and if you can enjoy having sex go for it.

take care xx

I don't think sex will make your cancer worse x if you feel like it - go for it. I was told stressed to even consider it!

I don't  think it will make  it worse x