having lots of problems since LLETZ last October

Hi All,

I am new to the forum altho I have been lurking all week seeking answers to my problems.

I have been going for colposcpoy every 6 mths for aabout 6 years now, I had LLETZ done in 2009.  Last year smears were coming back clear for the first time in years however last August they showed CINII again so another treatment of LLETZ was recommended which was done last October.  Procedure initially went ok but I ended up back in A&E the following morning due to severe bleeding (i was soaking through pads in 10mins) and by time I got from my house to the hospital I had detroyed my clothes (20min drive) anyway the hospital did not admit me and fixed the problem under Local Anestetic and sealed the area they had treated. After that bleeding completely stopped.

the last few months my cycle is all over the place ranging for 10day to 25days (I was always regular every 24days and lasted about 4 days), now periods are lasting 7-10days, I am experiencing severe cramping constantly (they feel like mild contractions  at times and can have me doubled over in pain), I am also have a lots of blood loss after sex, the times I dont bleed after sex I get very bad cramping and intercourse hurts.  basically everything is all over the place since LLETZ.

Went to my GP last month, she took blood to check hormone levels, iron etc whihc all came back ok she also examined me and advised I have a large vascular area on my cervix and she referred me to a gynae.  I was told as a public patient I would be waiting 10-12mths for appt so decided to go provate and still had to wait 6 weeks. This appt is next week

Has anyone else experienced these problems post LLETZ?  I now seem to have a lot of symtons of endometriosis however I never had problems in the past.

Thhis is really affecting me at the moment, I'm afraid to have sex with my husband in case 1. I cover the bed in bllod 2. it feels very uncomfortable.

I'm hoping someone  can shed some light on it for me.

Hi Annabella

Sorry to hear you are experiencing these post lletz problems. The contraction like monthly pain, post coital bleeding, cycle all over the place all sound like u may have the side effect from lletz called cervical stenosis. it happens when some scar tissue adhesions form in the cervix blocking passage and its harder to open & close and some menstsruation remains in the womb every month. Some stenosis is very easily fixed with a d&c to remove adhesions and dilate the cervix, but sometimes it can be a bit more tricky to fix. But its not at all disease related or lift threatening, just a surgical side effect.

Obviously i'm not a doc, but i have had this and ur symptoms sound identical so just thought u might like to know & be able to mention it to your specialist:)



thanks amanda5678

I've never heard of that before and will defo mention it to the consultant on friday as symptons definitely sounds similar.

thanks a lot, I feel a bit more at ease now x