Having LEEP done w/o G.A?

Hello Ladies,

I'm going in for a LEEP wednesday morning. My doc's nurse said that I don't need General anesthesia and that they do not provide any form of pain management. She told me to take something before going.. That kind of made me nervous... more nervous than I already am..

I also work the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday right after the LEEP. I'm a registered Nurse so my job is very physically demanding. 


I need some advice from women who have been in my situation. How painful was it, during and post?



Hi, Ali.

The actual procedure wasn't painful at all, just a little pinching feeling when the anaesthetic injections went in.  I felt nothing during the LLETZ.  Afterwards, I had a little bit of period pain like cramping and I felt a bit light headed and tired, so I wouldn't have wanted to go to work that day, but I was fine the next day.  

I guess the only possible problem would be if you were bleeding a lot but I didn't bleed very much at all, far less than a period.

Hope it goes really well for you x

Hi Ali, I am a midwife so in much the same position as you. I had a local at the LLETZ, so didnt really feel any of that, however the cramping afterwards I found quiet painful, I used painkillers amd a hot water bottle to ease this. I was able to go back to work the next day to do a Long Day, I took painkillers in with me but didnt need to use them, I think being active maybe keeps your mind off it. Although I did develop an infection, which was painful, so keep an eye out for that! Good luck xxx


i had lletz under GA last Thursday. Today is the first I've felt fairly normal, but I think it was the GA rather than the procedure that knocked me out! Still a bit sore though. On the plus side, I think I have definitely been wallowing and panicking, so in a way it's probably good to be busy. Just make sure you have painkillers.

I hope that nurse was nicer that she sounds!

Molly ps hope it all goes well. X

Thank you All for re-assuring me!! Will have to take something with to work and hope I don't ache too much. It will really help me forget about it for 12 hours. So stressed!!

Will post back after my results!


Thank you!!

   Ali xoxo