Having abit of a wobble today :(

Hi all
Not having a great day today, the Internet is a wonderful but dreadful thing.
My MRI is a week today… And now all I’m finding is horror stories… And I’m finding it hard to stay positive.

since being diagnosed I’ve been having a tightness in my ovary area … But I don’t know if this is just because I’m more aware :frowning: but it’s making me freak out.

For the last few months I’ve been getting pains in my chest aswell, and after going to my GP she said I’d pulled a muscle … But now I’m convinced its spread & everything is related.

I’m so fed up of waiting! It’s been 3 months since my abnormal smear … and I’m struggling to be positive now :frowning:

Sorry to have a moan, it’s good to just have abit of a vent!

Emma xx

Hi Em,

DO NOT GOOGLE! It will drive you crazy and it won't change a darn thing (but you knew that, right?)

I know only too well how hard the waiting is, but getting yourself into a state won't help. Stress and anxiety can cause all sorts of twinges and pains. This is the time you need your friends and family to distract you - go to the movies, go dancing, go for a run - all the things you don't feel like doing but you know you'll feel better for afterwards.

Good luck with the MRI and come and vent to us any time you like. x

Hey Em,

Just wanted to reiterate what Rosehip has written. Please don’t google (or do what I did which I read every user on this site’s posts and scare myself silly with presuming all sorts).

The best things I did to distract myself was to go to the hairdressers and also on big long walks. I walked for miles, ranting away to myself, and by the time I got home I felt a lot better.

Sending positive vibes your way xx

Thank you both for your kind words.
Very much considering putting a block on my google page! I’m always telling people not to google and here I am doing it - harder to take my own advice I guess.
I’m already feeling abit more on the up… Madness that 7 hours can make a difference! I feel like a crazed person being so up and down all the time, need to keep myself VERY busy!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Em,

Just wanted to reiterate the dont google thing !! I was told constantly ( probably by the same fab ladies) not to google. 

Also the waiting is most defibnatly the hardest thing you will have to do.  When I was waiting for all of my scans, I had convinced my self I was riddled with the pesky thing ... Even my ear lobes!! The mind is a wonderful thing, & will have you thinking all sorts.

I know this will more than likely happen to me again, when I have to wait for one result or another, but I will try & remember what happened before... It's all in the head ! Lol.... Also most definitely get distracted ... You are allowed to still live. & love your life - so do it & stay positive .. Sometimes hard but is the best advice I have been given...


Love & hugs

x x x

Hi Em

I think many people (myself included) find the waiting between initial diagnosis and getting a treatment plan the worst bit. It does get better and I felt a lot calmer once I knew what treatment I was having.

I was off work since diagnosis and struggled to fill my days because I couldn't concentrate on anything. I found the best things were walking, and this is quite random but jigsaws can be good to get stuck in to and wile away the hours. I also got a few box sets so I could turn off my brain, get involved in a plot line and watch episode after episode - definitely an improvement on daytime tv! I often felt that I didn't want company but forced myself to get out and see people, and asked friends for distractions, which helped too. 

Wishing you all the best for your MRI

Lou xxx

The waiting is the worst part Hun try not to google...it drives youcrazy!

Keep strong xx