Having a wobble...

Hello all, 

I just needed somewhere to unload really.  My name is Jenny, I am 26 years old, no children (yet) and have just entered a new relationship (he is being surprisingly patient and understanding!). 

My first ever smear I had came back with borderline changes, so I was asked to wait 6 months and repeat.  Same result - borderline changes.  So I was asked to wait ANOTHER 6 months and repeat. 3rd result still was borderline changes and positive HPV.  

I was then asked to go for a colopscopy and biospy.  The doc showed me my cervix on the screen and it looked white in blotches across the top half, and slightly going into the 'middle of the donut'. Not really sure what that means, but it didn't look all lovely like the bottom of it did!  He said he was unsure if I would need treatment or not (which I thought sounded pretty positive at the time).  He took the biopsy which I had a very stange reaction to... I went very hot, shaky and started passing out, and then became very emotional, which was odd because I went in feeling ok about the whole thing really. Anyway, I seemed to heal quickly from that, with the exception my next period being so bad that I actually passed out at work. 

I then got the 'results' from this biopsy, which said there was no evidence of cancer, but that I needed to have a procedure and I might smell burning... no more information, no leaflets, nothing.  This 'burning' appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and I was doing fine up until yesterday, and now I am terrified!! 


Anyway, rant over. I just needed somewhere to unload everything... I feel like I am living someone else's life... And I want mine back. 

Hi Beautiful,

I know exactly how you are feeling hun..I think we have all left the doctors at one point or another with bits and bobs of information..and kick ourselves because we didnt ask for more info. Im a prime candidate for doing that! It really depends on the Colposcopist as some are more forthcoming with information than others.

Most important and fantastic news that its only abnormal cells and no cc.. Lovely big sighs of relief :)

You might be best to give the Colposcopy nurse a quick ring and she will be happy to explain it to you.

Im not really qualified but have had my fair share of treatments over the years..It sounds like Cold Coagulation (dont quote me on this though) This is when they destroy abnormal cells with heat treatment (the name means the opposite?? I know..strange) If it is that..its nothing to stress about. I had this treatment and didn't even know I'd had it until I saw my file! I probably was told and was just sitting there like a nodding dog at the time.

I found it best to take a list of questions to avoid getting brain drain.. I felt so much better knowing what was going on. Not everyone is like that though, so I guess thats maybe why they sometimes give us limited info at times?

Please try not to stress and good luck tomorrow.




Hi Jenny. You’ve come to the right place to offload. There are so many ladies on here ready to offer support. Firstly, if it helps I too felt “wobbly” after having a biopsy. Did they give you an anaesthetic when you had your biopsy or did they just ask you to cough & they took a small “punch biopsy?” When they put the dye on my cervix they saw abnormalities (ie cells that had changed shape) but said they could carry out a procedure there & then. Mine was called LLETZ (large loop excision of the transformation zone.) They inject some local anaesthetic inside (it stings very briefly but not bad) & then they use a wire loop that is heated by electric & this sort of scoops out in one lump the changed cells. It’s because it’s a heated implement essentially burning out cells that makes it “burn.” It really doesn’t hurt. It’s a bit uncomfortable but over before you know it. Changed cells donot mean cancer but they whip them out just in case they might turn cancerous. My biopsy revealed severe changes but after some lletz treatment i’m all clear. It’s a shame the hospital couldn’t provide you with more information. Good clear info really reduces stress. Good luck & let us know how you get on.

I just wanted to thank you both for the replies! Although I did not reply at the time, they were both very deeply comforting to me.

I had the procedure done, which turned out to be called LLETZ and was just as you described (Thank you!). It did not hurt, but I felt pretty weird aftwards.  Unfortunately I developed an infection and have been off work for a week, but am back today and feeling much better!  I have to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected! 

Now I guess it's just a case of waiting for the results... This is a very odd time, and I am so glad there is somewhere like this to come for support! 

Big love

Jenny x