Having a tough day

Having a really tough day today.  I have a multi-nodular thyroid goitre in my neck have had it for since I can remember, and had it all checked out years ago and everthing came back benign, was monitored for a couple of years but then was discharged.  When I went in for my hysteroscopy in early August the anaethstatist was concerned about putting me under without seeing my original scans of where the goitre was in relation to my windpipe but they couldn't find them on the system hence I had the procedure under local.  I have this morning taken a call from my oncology nurse saying that I will need to go for a CT Scan on my neck.  I have had an MRI and will get those results tomorrow afternoon so am like a bag of nerves already today, when I asked her will this scan affect my op which was due for next Tuesday (8th) she said possibily, but the MDT team are meeting tomorrow morning to confirm my treatment plan.  Just when I met the consultant it seemed like the operation would be a given, trying to keep positive just feel like I am taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Oh matey,

it is the waiting, isn't it? Then when you seem to be so close to getting the op, to have the thought of it being taken away is heart breaking. I do hope that nothing changes and everything goes ahead. Fingers crossed xxx


Had mixed results from my MRI, even though the polyp was protruding through onto my cervix it is definitely endometrial.  There still seems to be some traces of cancer cells left following the removal of the polyp but everything else appears to be clear.  There is only one doubt, the consultant says that the MRI picked up shadow on one of my ovaries, it looks similar to the cancer I have but also looks similar to a burst ovary that is bleeding in on itself.  They will only know 100% when they go in to have a look, at least one ovary has to come out so unfortunately it can't be done keyhole and has to be done abdominal.  So I go in Monday evening and I am first on the list Tuesday morning, and should be out Friday/Saturday.  The oncology nurse said bring your ipad, mobile, kindle whatever you want.  I will then get my histology results 3 weeks after op.  Very nervous but also strangely looking forward to it.  As my consultant said "Let's sort this out so you can get on with your life" - think I am going to make that my new moto xxx

Oh my word you go through it, don't you?!

monday not very long away, are u all prepared? Love the fact they told u to take ur phone, iPad etc!! I do hope everything goes well for you. The sooner this is done the better for you though. Just sorry you have to go through it all. Your doc was right with what he said though, life needs to be lived! We cry that it might get cut short so need to make sure that we push on and get well as soon as we can so we can live life to the full!!

good luck matey

xxx dons

Hi Laura

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your op.  I go in Tuesday morning for my op in the afternoon.  Like you, mine has to be done abdominal as my ovaries ae coming out - I have a cyst on the left one.  Also have a fibroid on my womb.

Like you I am very nervous but just want it out the way so we can get on with our lives.

Will be thinking of you and sending you happy, positive thoughts!