Having a hysterectomy for cell changes

Last May, i went for a coil change and smear test and the nurse wasn’t happy with the look of my cervix so was referred to the colposcopist on the 2 week referral.

I went to see them within a week and had biopsies taken whilst there.

In the mean time, my smear test came back clear so i wasn’t too worried about the biopsy results. However, they came back as cin1 2 and 3.

In the September i had lletz treatment to remove the effected areas.

I heard nothing until 16th December when i received a letter saying there were no clear margins and was asked to see the colposcopist on December 30th.

At this meeting, she told me that my lletz sample had been to 7 pathologists and not one could give a definitive answer to the cells they could see. The colposcopist said it is not cancer but is as close to as possible.

She gave me 3 options.

  1. Have a hysterectomy
  2. Further lletz followed by further treatment if needed
  3. No treatment and observe.

I have decided to go for the Hysterectomy. The colposcopist told me she will leave my ovaries unless they didn’t look right.

I am worried about the surgery and don’t really know the waiting times for surgery.

I’m hoping other people could let me know what their experiences are.

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