Having a horrible time...


I'm new to this forum but thought I would share my story as have had a horrible experience and could really do with hearing from other people that may have been through the same!

I attended my routine smear and the results came back as abnormal, this is the first abnormal smear I've had (I'm 35). Was referred for a colposcopy and they took biopsies and said it looked fine and if anything was probably CIN 1. Results came back as CIN 3 so back I went for the lletz proceedure on the 10th June hoping this would be the end of it. I didn't experience much bleeding until a week later when I started to bleed quite heavily. I felt quite scared so went to the doctors a few times who said it was nothing to worry about unless I was bleeding through a pad an hour.

Yesterday I started to bleed extremely heavily and was sent to hospital via my GP. After a long wait in A+E I got transferred up to the gynae ward where the doctor used a silver nitrate solution to try and stop the bleed on my cervix. I went home only for it to keep bleeding so phoned this morning and got told to come in. So here I am now in my hospital bed, they've packed my cervix to stop the bleed and put a catheter in so I am stuck in bed as it's so uncomfortable to move!

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this? Have been very tearful all day, so fed up with the bleeding and not had my test results yet so worried that all this bleeding is a sign of something bad? 

Awww Hun,

I've had 3 ops in 3 different hospitals this year so I do know how you feel being stuck there but listen you're in the best place. Straight after my LLETZ they sent me home with very heavy bleeding & massive clots saying this was normal! It went on for 11 hours & it was horrendous every time I stood up my bathroom looked like a murder scene & then it just stopped! They'll get it sorted for you.

Clare xxx