Having a down day.

Sorry, this is purely a woe is me moan. 10 days post op and I've got one small area of my wound that is so painful, also started oozing blood today.  I've got a urine infection and am convinced I smell like old lady wee because of the catheter, though my family reassure me I don't. Thank god that's coming out tomorrow, but  then I've the worry of will my bladder work okay? The grey, rainy weather doesn't help, and I feel bad for hubby having to do everything, even.more so as he's full of rotten cold!! I couldn't get through all this without him and my family. My parents are even coming on holiday with us as I won't be driving!! Something to look forward to.


No need to reply, just using the forum as a sounding board, I tend to find it helps!

Aaaa big (gentle) hugs. You are entitled to a woe is me time my dear you have had a major operation and it's hard not being able to do things. 

I think if you are in pain as well that will make you feel down I have a very sore pain and I have been whincing today from it. 

Re the catheter when I had mine taken out I didn't feel the need to go for a wee and so would just go every 2/3 hours but slowly it's coming back so don't be alarmed it might take a while for it to return to normal. 

Lots of love and have a nice time on holiday you deserve it xxxxx


I think it might just be treat time for you...I suggest a big box of choccies, a huge pile of trashy mags, a funny novel, some nice bubble bath AND a stash of comedy/chick flicks! Also don the wellies and have a little walk down the street to get some fresh air! Hugs from someone who has been there/done that xxx

Ps...I felt nothing in my bladder for a few weeks, forced myself to go for a wee and forced my bladder to fully empty (this was , by the way, against doctor's advice). My bladder is now absolutely fine, can hold onto 500mls no problem and I have very little urgency! Even if you struggle in the first few weeks, it will hopefully improve xxx

Just sending hugs x 

Big hugs :-)



In times like this, I try to remember the saying, "This too shall pass". Sorry things are rubbish for you at the moment; sending hugs. Enjoy your hols.

Thanks ladies. Feeling much brighter today, especially with a successful catheter removal and fully functioning bladder! Just need the stabbing pain in one little section of my wound to stop now!!

Glad things are looking up!