having a bit of a wobble

On the whole i've been trying to stay pretty positive after the lletz procedure and have been telling myself to not worry unless there is something to worry about, however, i'm having a bit of a wobble today :/  the words from the doctor that he's sending the cells off for an urgent biopsy keep going round in my head.  Why urgent?  sorry, i know i'm probably panicking too much, it's been a week tomorrow since the lletz and it feels like its been a very long week!

We all have wobbles. My biopsies were also sent as urgent and took about 10 days. I couldn't say obviously why yours have been sent as urgent, but I guess it must be baed on what they've seen. Doesn't mean its the worst news though. I kept myself as busy as I could while I was waiting for results. Keep us posted x

Hello Jules 123 how are you hope you are ok and feeling well. Bless you sorry to hear you are having a wobble today of course you are going

to be worried Hun but try to remember if they had found something serious they would of been in contact with you within next day or 2 ( i can't say to much but a family member of mine has some tests very similar to ours on Saturday  and she had a call back today from her Doctor  :( ) 

 maybe they said urgent biopsy at your lletz cause you was a serve dyskarisis and wanted a faster diagnosis if they had found something serious they would be in touch with you within 48 hours Hun 72 hours max not a whole week  i know it is hard but please try to worry yourself silly thinking bad things and not relaxing cause your just make yourself feel unwell and you dont want that please try to stay positive and strong 

after the news i heard today about my poor family member I need to be strong for her and advise her positive things as much as I can even though I am terrified and so scared about my colopsy on Friday :( but I keep telling myself I need to be strong think positive and be strong xxx


sending you big cuddles Hun please feel free to message me back and keep me posted on how things are and when you do hear results :) if you don't hear by Friday maybe give your hospital a call and see if they will tell you anything :) but try to remember no news is good news xxx 


lots of love Traka xxx