Having a bad day, when will this waiting end

Hi ladies, its now 3 weeks since my Lletz n i"m having rather a bad day. Realised i’m broke n need to lend money of my sister all this is getting on top of me a bit i think, i’m usually good with money. Think i may of spent to much when i went on my imprompto camping trip but i needed to get away. My lower backs started to ache abit again i’m wondering if thats down to the Lletz, be glad when my results come back n i can hopefully get my head straight.

Oh Sharon,

we are silly creatures, aren't we? When worry takes over, it REALLY takes over and no matter what we TRY to do not to worry, it is no good! Give em another ring, tell them how you're feeling ang the effect it is having on you.

fingers crossed

xxx don

Hi Sharon

Can identify with the spending bit - must admit I've spent a bit more than usual 'treating' myself as I was so down about it all.

Have you got a Macmillan nurse that you can ring?  I was given the number of the Macmillan nurse team at the hospital when i went for my colposcopy.  They seem to understand a lot more and can chase things up for you.

Hope you hear something very soon.