having a 'bad cancer day'

Hi guys. I am 9 months post rad hyst and 5 months post radio and having a really bad day. It happens every few weeks or so, where I get so down and upset about what happened and what ifs...all I can think about is my babies and I feel so sorry for them! Anyone else think like this at all??? Just need a vent and some wise words! H x


I totally understand where you're coming from, I'm a year post radical,

I can go a few weeks feeling great then,  I go through periods of almost obsessive behaviour concerning my health, I suppose this is understandable

after what we have experienced so don't cut yourself up about it, hopefully given time these unpleasant days will be a thing of the past, best wishes :-) xx

Hi Helsweld

You are not alone!  Reckon we must all get days like that, I know I certainly do.  The positive thing is that the more time passes then those days get less frequent.  I'm 18 months post op now and feel loads better than I did 9 months ago.  I still get the odd blip where I feel low but they are not very often now and not quite so intense.

Its a massive thing we've been through and its bound to have a big emotional impact on us but we will get stronger both physically and mentally.

Do something nice and give your babies a cuddle, you'll soon be smiling again.

Big hugs


Hi H :-)

The hugest of huge hugs to you! (((((HUG)))))

We do, all of us, just get suddenly hit by that "WTF Happened There?" thing. Cheryl is right, they do become less frequent and you, sweetheart, have been through more than most of us can bear to imagine. I suspect you have a double-whammy thing going on so don't be hard on yourself. Life does get better, honestly it does but you mustn't be too surprised if you take a stumble now and then. We're all here for you.

With love




Thanks guys! It kicked off yesterday because I looked in the mirror and thought I looked pale! Followed by several hours of checking for any advancement of paleness! Feel better today, so maybe it was a little virus of some sorts. I need to remind myself that I am still entitled to get poorly! H x

Hi, I know how you feel. I am also 9 months post op and get days where I feel really low and get tearful thinking about what I went through and worry about every new or strange sensation etc but those days do pass.


I am going to attend my first meeting next week and I am hopeful chatting to other strong, brave women that I will be able to air some of my worries and get the reassurance that how I am feeling is actually perfectly normal. Are you able to attend a get together. It might be beneficial? 


Stay positive and call on friends & family for support. Feel better soon xx